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Treefort 2024 March 20-24

Treefort 2024 was a roaring success. With over 450 bands there was no shortage of local and international live music during the five-day music festival. This was the first year that I got to attend the entire 5 days. In years previous I worked in the food service industry or did not have the funds to attend. I have to say; I enjoyed being on this end of things much more than making everyone's food. I finally get why people enjoy Treefort as much as they do. 

With all the live music, storyfort, filmfort, foodfort, yogafort, dragfort, and so many more it was almost impossible to feel like you could keep up. Everyone is at a different show and they’re all having the time of their lives. It was fun, but almost hard to not feel overwhelmed. 

Of the musicians that played; some of my personal favorites were Unknown Venus, Dadi Freyr, and Magic City Hippies. Magic City Hippies was my last show of the fort and it was easily one of the best shows I have ever been to. It started out a little rough, but by the end the crowd and the band were both having an absolute blast. The energy was just unmatched. 

Apart from music; my partner and I spent most of our evenings at dragfort. With circus performances, killer local acts, and amazing out of town performers, the week was just absolutely chalk full of amazing talent. Some of my favorite local talents were Stella Sin, Vera Holiday, Kxnni the Doll, Cyraphina Thunderpussy, Coco Freeo, and Cookie Pusss. Honestly, they were all absolutely incredible, there are honestly just too many to name. 

Treefort was an absolutely beautiful experience, I hope to be lucky enough to go again next year. 

Written by: Robin


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