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Neck Deep

When I was a kid, growing up in the late 1900s, I feel like the biggest thing I had to be worried about was being neck deep in, like, quicksand or a bog or something that doesn't actually happen in Boise. Unlike, you know, the band Neck Deep. Which, as evidenced by their February 6th show at the Knitting Factory, proves that sometimes the most dangerous things are the most entertaining.


The adrenaline rush you get at a Neck Deep show can sometimes feel like you're fighting against quicksand, but the quicksand is the rapidly encroaching moshpit and the adrenaline is because the breakdown is about to happen, and you only have so many elbows to fight for your life with. And maybe only MM208 can save you by telling you how hard a Neck Deep show goes. Jokes about natural phenomena aside, Neck Deep shows are always a delight, and a gift to photograph. Don't ask me, I'm just the journalist. Look at our photos instead. Let that adrenaline rush get you through your trip to the laundromat, your evening commute, or a regular Saturday afternoon.

Written by: Brandy

Photos: Courtney


Learn more about Neck Deep by clicking the link below


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