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Dethklok & Dragonforce

Good metal is like really intensive skincare– you will have parts of your face missing afterwards. Unlike good skincare, good metal also allows you to throw down while your face melts.

For those of you who grew up with Adult Swim, Dethklok (/Metalocalypse) and Dragonforce are the metal bands we were all obsessed with in middle and high school. If you didn't grow up with Adult Swim and your older sister's boyfriend who was obsessed with playing Through The Fire and Flames on Guitar Hero, close this article. You're too young.

Getting both Dethklok and DragonForce playing in Boise on May 2nd, 2024, was nothing short of a metal miracle. Not only was this part of Dethklok’s “thank God they're back” reunion tour, but everything was so over the top and big and fun that you can't help but take in the awe and spectacle while smiling. Or maybe, you know, you're grinning because the rest of your face has already melted off.


Written By: Brandy

Photos By: Aaron

To learn more about Dethklok & Dragonforce, Check out the links below!




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