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The Amity Affliction: Let The Ocean Take Me 10 Year Anniversary Tour

The Amity Affliction is celebrating their 10 year anniversary of the Album Let the Ocean Take Me, which was released in 2014. In its first week of release in the United States it sold 10,000 copies. When I saw that this tour was coming to Boise at The Knitting Factory May 3 2024. I was instantly excited.*

Nothing gets you more excited than the term “sold out show”. You know you're in for a seriously good time when you're so deep in the crowd that you forget where the bar is.*


If you are an avid concert goer, you already know the feeling when the lights in the venue go down. The Amity Affliction made their way to the stage and started the night with, "Pittsburg." The energy in the packed room is electric. You can feel the emotion the band has put into this performance like it's the very first time. The crowd already knows every word and sings along. They continue to play the whole album in its entirety. Their set it filled with multiple crowd surfers, mosh pits and head banging celebrating this album.*

When they played the last song of the album and made their way off the stage, a montage of old clips of touring when this album first released was playing on the screens. This was very nostalgic for everyone in the room. Seeing how far this have come and where they are now. You can tell they are immensely proud of this album and the work they have done to get here and how far they have come.*

The crowd roars with anticipation of an encore and The Amity Affliction listened. They played three more songs, "I see Dead People", "Drag The Lake: and "Like Love". Everyone had so much more energy to give. Right when you thought the night was done, they came back for a second encore and ended the night with three more songs, "Open Letter", "It's Hell Down Here" and "Soak Me In Bleach"*

Overall, for Amity fans it was truly a special experience. Weather it was your first time seeing them or your 10th time, you will never be disappointed.*

Written by Brandy* & Vicki*

Photos by Alex

To learn more about The Amity Affliction check out the links below!


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