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As I dive further into Boise’s best kept music secrets I have found yet another band that must be talked about! Sportscourt​

Formed in 2017, Sportscourt is a pop punk band that needs to be added to your concert bucket list. This high energy band expounds a level of performance that brings every age group to the venue. The band draws influences from Def Leppard, to progressive rock, and the band has a solid foundation in indie rock. While listening to Sportscourt you can pick up on a DIY (Do It Yourself) quality of production that keeps the band grounded and this sound adds to their personal touch on the music. With many bands sounding (too) polished, Sportscourt is a refreshing sound that takes you back to the roots of what local music is. The personal touch can also be found in their lyrics, with the band brining their personal experiences to the audience with every word.

The band members had an early vision of themselves as musicians at extremely young ages. Jordan, guitarist, senior project was to play guitar and that experience led to his joining Sportscourt. Marcus, drummer, has been surrounded by music his entire life with his father playing the drums. Quinn, Vocals and guitar, had the taste of music since he was 8 years old! Matt, vocals, started taking lessons when he was 7 years old and Jacob came out of the womb playing blink-182!

Sportcourt should be extremely proud as they have accomplished a great deal in such a short time! Releasing an EP back in December 2017, almost a year to the date of this Music Monday Blog! They have released an awesome music video, Dopamine, on November 20, 2018! The band plans to release a new EP very soon! Sportscourt has a long-term goal to record a full-length album, which Music Monday can’t wait for! The members are working hard to find their connection with each other as a band to create even bigger performances. I have seen this band live and they are doing an amazing job connecting with the audience.

Sportscourt is a much needed addition to the local Boise music scene. I highly recommend that any venue contact them for bookings. They are building a fantastic fan base that only adds to the concert experience. Last time I saw them, at Deathproof.Coffee​, I stopped taking photos to take in a moment when the audience swayed in perfect unison to the sounds of the music. There are moments, during concerts, where the audience deeply connects with the band and Sportscourt is creating those moments! This is a band I hope continues to grow and find themselves with their music and friendship.

If you are in town and Sportscourt is playing, do not miss out! You will not be disappointed.

Link to their awesome music video, Dopamine!

Check out more photos of Sportscourt and other local bands on Instagram @musicmondays208


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