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This week MusicMondays208 focuses on a fantastically unique power rock garage-punk band called Mantooth

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

Started back in 2012 when John F. Edsall (vocals) moved back to Boise permanently and started working on songs with Douglas Taylor (guitar) again. The band soon came together when Doug lured in other amazing fetrean Idaho musicians to the project. Jay Angst (drums), Bob (bass) and Tod Dunnigan (keys).

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

Much like the unique music they produce the band’s name is also truly unique, Mantooth! The band struggled to find a band name from the get go. “I [John] turned to Arthur Brennan, an old friend and real life Zelig of New York and Los Angeles punk scenes. He supplied me with a list of names and I chose Mantooth for two reasons, it made me laugh and sounded Pre-Punk which is what Mantooth’s influences are mostly.”

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

When Mantooth started the desire was to combine the sounds of pre-punk. Besides the obvious bands like The Stooges, MC5,The Flaming Groovies, AC/DC and The Cramps, Mantooth are informed by The Sensational Alex Harvey Band, The Saints and The Stranglers. Another major influence on the band is the great Alice Cooper!

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

The band is currently working on new songs and gearing up to get back to the studio. “We will be performing a new song on the Stay Home Spotlight called I’m The Romantic that will be part of a song collection called Mantooth in Luv.”

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

If you're looking for a truly unique experience in the Idaho area Mantooth is a band you simply cannot pass up! fronted by surrealistic, confrontational front thing J Mantooth. This combination, along with a constantly evolving catalogue of songs and lousy improv make each Mantooth show different and insane!

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Mantooth live for the Stay Home Spotlight


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