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Corey Grubb

This week MusicMondays208 features a truly fantastic American Folk singer/songwriter Corey James Grubb!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Corey has been playing the guitar since he was 14 years old but he didnt start playing out and about until 2013. His first show was at a small bar in Mountain Home Idaho called Cal’s. “I know, David Lyle ‘Pops’ Evans was there. He’s a mountain home Native that has played with names like Chris Ledoux, and Garth Brooks. He came up to me after my set and told me he really liked what I was doing and he wanted to jam and kinda take me under his wing.” Corey added. Eventually, Mr Evans introduced me to Pino Bennett, who was a great friend of Corey’s father, both helped push Corey in the scene and got him into other venues and taught him a “hell of a lot!”

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

The music Corey creates has a wide eclectic range of influences. “My father introduced me to Bob Dylan, The Byrds, and The Rolling Stones at a very young age and I was immediately drawn to that type of stuff.My grandfather introduced me to Hank Williams and Tennessee Earnie Ford, I had already been playing a lot of old rock and roll and old folk music when he passed away in ‘09.I started listening to Hank Williams religiously... I sort of saw it as a way to still be connected to my grandfather.” Corey’s music truly resonates the influences he draws from the above artists but you can feel his personal touch on the music he creates.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

When it comes to writing music Corey spends a lot of time making sure it not only hits home for himself but for the audience as well. “it’s always a very personal experience whether your playing your own material or someone else’s. You play a song because it means something to you. My song ‘One For The Road’ is about my battle with alcoholism and depression. I wrote it after I made the mistake of driving home after a gig one night and rolled my pickup. I was lucky to be alive and it kind of made me realize that I had been playing a dangerous game with my life and my career!” Corey concluded.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

As an artist Corey has had some hardships in pursuing his musical career. “There’s always hardships when you decide to make a living in the creative field, one of my main hardships (and a lot of people face this I think) was a battle with addiction that I was finally able to overcome.” Though Corey has had some hardships he truly focuses on the triumphs and happiness in his life. “I have an amazing wife and 3 beautiful daughters that have shown me there’s a lot to be thankful for in life. And it’s not worth losing that for a drunk, or a high.Since I’ve been sober, my writing has improved, my singing and playing has improved, and I recently signed a contract with Emanant Recording Studios out of Atlanta Georgia”

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

If you are looking for an artist that sings directly from the soul Corey James Grubb is someone to add to your list. His new EP One For The Road is absolutely killer and we highly recommend adding it to your spotify list. Make sure to follow his band page and check out his live facebook show he did for the Stay Home Spotlight, your ears and soul will thank you.

Written by Aaron Michael

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