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Bone Haus

With less 30 days till Treefort Music Fest 2020 we take a look at an awesome local band that will be rocking the festival, Bone Haus!

The band has been playing their fantastic music since October of 2018! Formed by Rain Marie (lead vocals) when she met @Andre Maldonado (bass). They jammed together for a while and eventually added Billie IX Nimbuson (guitar) and soon after the band added Joe Black (drums).

Rain got into music at a very young age, “I've been singing for as long as i can remember. One day in 8th grade i decided to learn how to play guitar and that was that! I never had another doubt that I was supposed to be making music.” She added. Andre bought his first bass on a whim and soon after found himself playing in a friend’s band. He may not have known how to play bass until that band, but he has truly become an amazing musician. Joe started playing the piano when he was 8, moved on to the guitar at 13 and started playing the drums as a young adult. Billie concluded with, the game Rock Band sparked my interested in playing guitar and I first picked one up when I was 12. I started Boise Rock School when I was 16 and moved on to start my own bands!”

“The inspiration came from a Dead Weather song called "Bone House" I just changed the spelling because I thought it looked cool and would help us stand out.’’ Rain said. Much like their unique name the band works hard to create music that is just as interesting. The band draws influences from a wide range of musical styles. “We all have different musical backgrounds and I think the fact that we look at music so differently adds a lot to our sound. A few bands/artists that inspire us that we have in common would be Jack White, The Dead Weather, Joan Jett, and The Stooges.” Said the band. As the band creates their music, they strive to make sure it connects with a wide variety of people. “We each contribute something to a song. I might present a basic song structure or chord progression and Billie will just suddenly create a perfect lead part. Andre pulls beautiful basslines out of thin air. Joe really has a feel for song dynamics and knows how to keep the song driving forward. Not to mention, he’s an amazing drummer.” The band concluded.

If you’re looking for a band that works extremely hard at what they do make sure to check out Bone Haus. “Everything we do, or release is DIY, which is a blessing and a curse. However, we’ve been given a lot of bigger opportunities lately and that’s been such a wonderful thing!’ said Rain. One of those opportunities is Treefort coming up! Make sure to follow them on Facebook to see when they are playing!

Blog Written and Edited by Aaron/Amanda

PC Lisa


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