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Yellowcard: Celebrating 20 years of Ocean Avenue.

On August 5, Yellowcard played at the Revolution Concert House. Emonite Brooklyn, This Wild Life, and Anberlin were the openers. This Wild Life started off the show, and I was very excited to hear their set. Unfortunately, they only played three songs. The three that they did play were very strong. Their sound was solid, and they put on a great, albeit short, show.

Emonite Brooklyn played in between each set. It was basically just someone dancing around to classic emo hits. Very fun, but nothing to write home about. Anberlin was not on the lineup for that night, but played, which came as a surprise. The crowd seemed to really enjoy the show they put on. It was loud and very upbeat.

Finally, it was time for Yellowcard. They started out with some of their most popular songs and the crowd went nuts. I was really impressed with how good they sounded live compared to their recorded tracks. They kept the energy up through their entire set, finishing with their all-time hits. It was a really great, high-energy performance that made the heat and discomfort of being in a packed concert hall worth it.

Photos: Kenyon McWilliams

Review: Robyn Scot

Venue: The Revolution Concert House, Garden City, Idaho.


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