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Winter Forever

Music Monday has discovered an amazing emo/post-rock band that must be added to your list, Winter Forever​

If there was a band that came together because someone sent out a bad iPhone recording of a great original song, Winter Forever is that band. Started back in January of 2018, Winter Forever began with Corey Christoph Hugo​, (Guitar/Vocals) writing a lot of new music but the band he was in was not doing much and sadly the band started to wane. During this time Corey started hanging out with Jess Greaves​ (Guitar) and they playing songs together in Corey’s garage. Corey sent Chris Hunter​ (drums) a “bad iphone recording” of some of their songs and asked Chris to help finalize a demo. Corey states “Truthfully this was supposed to be a solo project of mine and I had originally planned on paying/hiring them to play on the record and just do everything else myself.” However, after playing together that night Jess and Chris asked to be in the band! That same night Corey called Max Graham​ (bass) and asked him to be a part of the new project. Since that dayz , the band started to practice and shortly after recorded their first EP.

Chris, started playing the drums when he was 12 years old because his grandfather played. He later joined a punk band called “The Uglies” which set him on the path of eventually joining Winter Forever. Chris brings the influence of Blink-182 and Underoath to his playstyle. Jess started by learning classical piano when he was 9 years old but eventually found himself in the punk scene at 15! He later moved on to learn the guitar bringing the backing of American finger-styl guitarist Andy Mckee to stage. Corey started to sing as a kid and got a guitar at 10 but sadly never played it. When he was in high school he too found himself in the punk scene by doing vocals in a band! Sadly Corey quit music around 16 until he was 21. He picked up his guitar and the music world thanks him for not leaving it. Corey finds his influence in bands like All Get Out and Brand New. Max asked his mother for a guitar at the age of 9 and has had a passion for music ever since!

Winter Forever brings the emotion and passion of life to their music and lyrics. Corey said “our songs are extremely personal but I leave out explicit details so that listeners can take what they need from it.” The subject matter for more of their songs may be melancholy but they find being able to share the sadder side of life can be cathartic. Much like their lyrics the name of the band falls in line with their emotional sound. Winter Forever stems from the love of feeling cold for Corey. Saying “I’ve always loved the cold. I feel like I can relate to the season and the emotional/metaphorical themes that come with it. It really fit the style of music and it’s the title of one of my favorite records.”

Having only been around for a 1 year and a handful of months the band has achieved a lot! Recording their EP, releasing a great music video filmed at Deathproof.Coffee​ in Boise, called The Bends, and they just completed a fantastic 6 day tour that ranged from Portland, to spots in California and ending in Salt Lake City! The band plans to record their full album LP soon as well.

Music Monday enjoyed every moment of their set. This band may play emotionally driven music but their performances are fast paced and filled with impressive moments. The band knows how to reach out to a crowd, and touch not only their hearts but their souls too. If you have a chance to catch this band make sure you do! They will leave you feeling challenged to love life and to enjoy the smaller moments.

Check out their music video “The Bends”


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