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Whippin Shitties

Music Monday is ready to enjoy the indie sounds of an awesome local band, Whippin Shitties​!

Whippin Shitties was formed back in spring of 2017 when some friends came together with a common cause, to create some awesome music! Braden Carlson​(guitar/vocals) Erik Richtsmeier​ (guitar/vocals) Anthony Taylor​ (drums) Jacob Geier​ (bass) had been friends for years but never once played together finally came together to simply play some fun music. They suddenly realized their talents and common goal were entwined! These guys said after playing together “we might as well play a gig.” From there, Whippin Shitties was born!i

When the band first started they were known by a different name but the band wants to keep it a secret! The band name Whippin Shitties finds its roots from the Minnesota term for doing donuts in your car! Something Music Monday is sure the band members have never done…..wink wink. They were apprehensive to use the name Whippin Shitties until they played a show with a band from Minnesota that confirmed the term was a legitimate phrase, that night the band changed their name and forever more they would be known as Whippin Shitties!

Each band member found their love of music at a very early age. Jacob started playing guitar and bass at the age of 8! Erik was really into nirvana at a young age and that inspired him to play. Anthony grew up watching his father play punk rock music. Finally Branden used his 12th birthday money to get himself a guitar. From there each band member spent time practicing and learning their craft to become the amazing musicians they are today.

Each performer brings their own influence to this awesome indie band! Jacob draws a lot from Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, Braden draws from a lot of classic rock combined with indie rock, Erik's definite biggest influence is Dinosaur Jr but he draws from an array of genres in the indie rock spectrum, Anthony's favorite drummer is definitely Lars Ulrich for some reason.

The band has seen some freshman blues when it comes to hardships. Whippin Shitties parted ways with its original drummer but they soon found Anthony and are moving fastly forward to their music goals! The band had an amazing triumph by playing Treefort this year to an amazing turn out! Music Mondays hopes this band triumphs over the freshman times because they were absolutely awesome to see live.

The band has some short-term and long term goals they would like to a achieve. Whippin Shitties wants to play more shows, release some “sweet” music and eventually love to be signed to a label!

When it comes to a terrific performance Whippin Shitties does not disappoint! They have some new music in the works and will release very soon! Please make sure to see this band live your ears and soul will thank you!


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