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Weald and Woe

Music Monday is ready to step into an eternal realm to hear the darkness that is, Weald & Woe!

The band started back in summer of 2018! The debut EP ‘Eternal Grave’ was written, recorded and released into the world. Upon it’s release, Artos (Jeff Young Vocals/Guitar) was presented with an opportunity to play that could not be ignored and recruited Maelstrom (Michael Mulcock Drums) and Asmodeus (Zachery Darbin Bass) to join him. The band uses the name Weald & Woe because it is a representation of ones surroundings. “Directly it can be intended to invoke a ‘Forest of Sorrow’. It can mean whatever it needs to for whoever sees or hears it. Ultimately, it is not important. They are just words to represent one person’s idea.” Artos said.

As their name describes the world around one’s self you can also find the influences of “woe” within their lyrics and musical style. The band draws influences from “Pain. Love. Loss. The burdens of joy and grief.” Artos added. This can also be felt in the musical sound the project portrays with deep harsh emotional vocals. The lyrics are backed by, at times, a fast-paced ethereal metal instrumental to help convey the sense of pain and dread. “The lyrics are largely unintelligible. They are deeply personal. They are meant to be whatever whoever hears them needs them to be. Our meaning does not have to be absolute.” The band added. Alongside their raw, unbridled fury sound the dawns cloaks to further the sense of dread and loss that comes with their performance.

If you are looking for a band that brings out the emotion that only metal can bring Weald & Woe is your band. These amazingly talented musicians truly know how to use their prowess on the stage to turn any strong person inward on their thoughts. Make sure to check this band out at the upcoming 2nd Annual Idaho Death Fest 4/25 at The Shredder!

Written and Edited by Aaron/Amanda

Photo Credit Lisa


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