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We Were Giants

Music Monday is ready to strap in and enjoy the musical experience that is, We Were Giants​.

This metal band started back in 2015, to fulfill the common goals, of creating a unique sound and to write music that means something to themselves and to their audience. We Were Giants has fashioned an extremely powerful experience not only for the band members but for their fans as well. Blake Davis​, clean vocals, said “I’d describe it for me [as] I’m just being my honest self that I can’t be in everyday living. We are all like that, but it just works in harmony.” Music Monday could not agree more that the harmony created by Blake and Kenneth Logan Peel​, harsh vocals, is something to be sought after. Watching these two fantastic singers bounce off each other like an angel and a demon fighting over control of the stage and is what many bands strive for, saying “Our theatrics match our sound.”

Blake got his start by learning the acoustic guitar he received for his 15th birthday. He took to the guitar like a fish to water learning his first song in 4 days. This was the beginning of a beautiful romance between Blake and music. He started writing music and jamming with his friends to find his style of, and even played at the Boise Venue, may it rest in peace. Kenneth grew up with music, “Growing up I basically had a resonation with music because of the form of expression each song I listened to.” He said. It was in high school that Logan struggled and found a way to express these struggles with his lyrics and music. Logan explained, “Music is my therapy and helps ease my life.” Music Monday can relate to this especially, as music has been a savior for myself as well. Michael Faylor​, drums, found his love of the drums at the age of 8 when his father, also a drummer, bought him his first kit. While his father jammed along with the great classics a young Michael would mimic the movements. After Michael learned, from his father, the fundamentals of drumming and he soon moved on to teach himself how to paly double bass. As Michael grew older he discovered bands like Korn and Slipknot. Some years later Michael uploaded a drum cover of Ragnarök by Periphery in which We Were Giants saw, soon after he was asked to join the band! Josh Street​, Guitar, started music at a young age and stuck with it to eventually find themselves in the line up with We Were Giants

This band considers their music to be a reflection of themselves. They bring different backgrounds of musical styles and different musical influences to the band but as they have a vision for the group they come together to create their unique sound.

As with most bands they have struggled with putting their feeling into their art and creating something that was marketable at the same time saying “trying to navigate through the business aspect and we are definitely no exception to that rule. Our biggest triumph is definitely our fans and the opportunities we have been given such as Vans Warped Tour and multiple sold out shows.”

Music Monday has had the pleasure to see this band perform and was completely blown away by their energy. The bands spirit and sheer ability to connect with the audience was awesome. From the distinguished drumming of Michael, to the amazing guitar skills of Josh and finishing it off is the Blake and Logan duo who bring the experience right to your face. Make sure you see this band perform as you will not be disappointed.

This is a crew that wants to lift the mood saying, “Spreading a positive message and fighting for positivity is our goal and we feel that the sound we give off does exactly that.” Building that audience connection is something that We Were Giants challenges themselves to do every show and I can honestly say that it really comes through.


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