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Music Monday is ready to experience the heavy hard-hitting rock band that is, Vault7​

This band started their journey back in 2014 when Dennis Goodman​ (drums) had the idea for Vault7. Dennis said, "[I wanted to start] a band in the hard rock genre but promised to be different than all the rest" He started networking with the local Musicians, after 2 years and 2 dozen different musicians the original line up was formed with Colby Dees on Bass, Brian Hoyt on Rhythm guitar and Nathan Polnow​ was brought in to play lead guitar and sing. But, there was a difference in direction, in early 2018, which allowed for new members to join. Dennis invited Steven Stetzel​ (2nd lead guitar) and Ray VanCour​ (bass) to join the band. After a few years and some band member changes Vault7 has found their current line up and they absolutely kick ass.

Dennis tried learning the guitar in 1975 but it didn't come naturally and he couldn't quite get it. "I sat behind a drum kit for the first time and nailed what I had in my mind and knew I was a natural" Dennis said. Steven has been rocking the music scene since the late 1970's, moving on to Hollywood during the 80's and moving to Idaho in 2005. He started a band called Calderra Ray was a part of the Boise band ChildzPlay in the 80s. During the late 80's he moved, with ChildzPlay, to Hollywood to enter the craziness for little over a year. Soon after the band moved to Seattle and became known as the Big City. The band completed a 13 song project but it was never officially released. Ray raised 2 kids with his wife and moved to Boise in 2016. Nathan found his love of music with his first acoustic guitar when he was 11 years old. "I didn’t really have that light-bulb moment until I saw Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, on a matinee in the summer of ‘89, which sparked a fire that has yet to go out." Nathan said. After he used his chord book that was handed down to him from his father he started to teach himself guitar chords. His first real band was called Burnside which gave him the "itch" to play live. After moving to Boise in 2000 he played bass for an 80s new wave cover band NUFN and Pop Cult Kids until 2013.

The name Vault7 was born after the original band mates spent time figuring out what name fits their sound. Dennis said, "I wanted a name that pictured "Solid, Hard, Heavy, Fuerte'" A name upon hearing would not tempt the imagination to place us in any sect.genre.or shook of thought or philosophy." Colby came up with the word "Vault" while Dennis wanted a name that could be said in three syllables. He went through the numbers and landed on 7. Now for those of you who thought, why is Music Monday doing a piece on the wikileaks situation about vault 7, rest assured the band choose the name well before the leaks. But, they did find the situation helped gain them fans! As people searched for the wikileak vault 7 they stumbled across their awesome sound!

The band has had some hardships, the obvious one is line up changes and a short break up. The band also faces a changing music business that requires the players to be both salesmen and promoters using social media to generate exposure and hype. Nathan put it perfectly "As with any band, there have been, and most likely will be hardships. How we deal with them will determine our time as a band. We are moving forward looking to keep any hardships we have (hopefully none) to ourselves." With hard times comes triumphs, the band has opened up for Anthrax, Death Angel and many other national performing acts!

Vault7 has some goals they would like to achieve! The band is wanting is focused on writing/recording their sophomore full-length LP which they hope to release sometime during this year! The band is also focusing on getting back on stage at venues like Knitting Factory and the Revolution to be on the bill for national acts!

Music Monday had the extreme fortune to see Vault7 play at The Shredder​. Right as they started jamming we knew they were going to be an absolute treat to watch. This is one band we look forward to seeing over and over again as they do not disappoint. Their energy, stage presence and sound can only be achieved by a band who truly understands their version of rock.


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