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The Weary Times

Music Monday is ready to drown our minds in this soulful ,local, vintage blues jazz rock and roll band we discovered at PreFunk Beer Bar Boise​ during Treefort, The Weary Times​

Photo Credit: Aaron Michaels

The band started back in 2015 with Ryan Curtis​ (Song Writer, Singer, Rhythm Guitar) started out jamming with the keys player Mike Swain. After some time they wanted to form a band that had the keys being the lead instrument like Ray Manzarek of the Doors. With Mike focusing on the classical tones like Hammond b3, Wurlitzer, Vox, and Rhodes. Next the duo added the rest of the band with Michael Simon​ on lead guitar, Ben Weiland on drums and Nick Archibald​ on the bass. “As we added the rest of guys and I actually started writing songs specifically for [the] band, it really came together begin to take on a life of its own.” Ryan said.

Photo Credit: Aaron Michaels

The group works hard to create music that can be absorbed by their audience and be cathartic for the band themselves to perform. “A lot of the time, my lyrics are not necessarily autobiographical, but based on subjects I can relate to in one form or another based on my own experiences. So maybe, I’m writing a narrative from the point of view of character.” Ryan said. He continued to direct his writing to putting himself in someone else’s shoes and try to understand the true experience they may be going through. We may not have experienced the pain of a specific life situation but many of us know someone who has, and Weary Times provides a voice for those situations. The band’s name follows this same trend in the song writing. “A lot of my writing tends seems to fall on darker themes, the trials & tribulations of life, etc., so The Weary Times just kind of fit. Plus, I just thought it would be cool name for a blues band.” Ryan concluded.

Photo Credit: Aaron Michaels

The band draws influence from a wide range of musical writing and interpretations of older types of music. Ryan draws influence from 50’s rhythm & blues and the mid 60’s era of music. “Of course you’ve got to put your own, unique spin on it, but that was essentially the idea in the beginning. Over time, the vision and direction of the writing has morphed a bit to capitalize on everyone’s strengths. Each member brings a very distinct sound and style to the table so was course it’s going to impact the direction of the writing a bit.” Ryan said.

Photo Credit: Aaron Michaels

Music Mondays discovered this awesome blues band during Treefort in March! The Weary Times is the perfect mixture of blues rock mixed with soul, rhythm, and a dash of good old rock and roll like the Rolling Stones. These guys are experts at their instruments as each bring an ease to the band that makes them feel like a seasoned crew. Each member visually looks in their element on stage with smiles, moments where they allow the music to take them over and perfectly time movement on the stage. This is one blues rock band that you must add to your local music bucket list as they will not disappoint!

Photo Credit: Aaron Michaels

The Weary Times has just released their self-titled debut album! Make sure you check their music out, it is absolutely amazing.

Check out their single Why Are You So Lonely

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