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The Sky Burns Brighter

We start today with The Sky Burns Brighter​,

Music Mondays has a new favorite alternative rock band in town for you to look forward to, called The Sky Burns Brighter! Andrew Lewis, lead vocals and guitar, was kind enough to take some time to chat so you can get to know this amazing local group. Formed by Coby Nelson, guitar and back-up vocals, along with Brian Wilkerson​, bass and programing, back in 2017 they found their lead vocalist Andrew Lewis, and shortly after added the final member Taylor Ellenberger​ on drums! The name, The Sky Burns Brighter, is derived from the Senses Fail song “Holy Mountain” saying, "The sky burns brighter when I look into your eyes." Andrew explains how the name came together saying, "I came to the first practice with a list of names and that one resonated with all of us in our own ways. We loved that it didn't necessarily sound like it belonged to any single genre. It could be metal, it could be pop punk, it could be alternative rock, and we felt that fit the music we were putting together.”

This band is the perfect blend of several genres of music which brings all kinds of fans to the crowd! From head bangers, to two steppers, to my girlfriend who just wants to shake it, this band offers something for any concertgoer. Each band member brings their music influence to the mix which is what creates their unique sound. Coby, Brian, and Taylor are huge pop-punk fans and they bring that upbeat, fun to every track. Andrew brings the prog-rock and metal background to the group for the more technical aspects of the music. The members draw influence from other artists including; A Day to Remember, Blink 182, Guitarist Tom Delonge, Coheed and Cambria, and Avenged Sevenfold. If you haven’t figured it out already this band is an accumulation of amazing music and their unique sound is something the local scene much desires

The Sky Burns Brighter is extremely excited to be a part of the ever-growing music scene in the Boise area. They feel every band brings something unique to the table and they are simply thrilled to be a part of it.

Their songs hold a lot of emotion behind them as band members frequently tap into their personal lives for inspiration. The band draws influences from their own perspective to the view point of loved ones and close friends. Bringing these past and current experiences into the mix allows the band to sing about topics that the audience can connect with. For example, “Famulus” is about a friend of Andrews that was going through a rough relationship, and how Andrew witnessed his buddy weathering that storm. The song “30 Hours” Music Mondays personal favorite, is about the movie The Crow and many songs “have a personal edge to them if you look for it. We obviously want to convey as much of the emotion behind the lyrics in the way we play, whether that's in the writing of the music itself, or the actual performance” Andrew added. This band wants to bring the feels to their lyrics, the way they play, connect with the audience, and the way they connect to each other as a band.

Breaking into a new scene brings challenges such as no exposure, finding your “sound” and figuring out the connection between each other. Their biggest hardship was gaining traction with the local scene, however all that faded when they tossed their hat in to play the X-Games. Any band that had not played a show before would be terrified, which they understandably were. “It was going to be our first real show. We ended up practicing our asses off and writing like 3 new songs just so we could fill our time-slot” said Andrew. Thanks to connections they made at the X-game gig The Sky Burns Brighter was born like a new star, filling the concert halls with their exceptional sound.

The band released their EP, with the help of singer from We Were Giants​ Blake Davis​ , last month and they are very proud of it! Check it out! Your ears will thank you.

Their music is currently streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play, and Amazon!


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