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The Seatopians

If you believe the “mainstream” media, the Seatopians met through Craigslist in 2017. Several days ago, the last time I saw my family, the Seatopians motivated me to set the record straight this Monday. So without further ado, Music Monday is totally ready to dive into the ocean blue, upon their own free will, to bring you a fantastic rock surf instrumental band, The Seatopians​. This was completely uncoerced… really everything is fine.

They were sent here for one reason and one reason only, to retaliate against us; the surface nation! After an underground nuclear test in 1971 destroyed one-third of the Seatopian’s world, these brave warriors were sent to wreak havoc and seek revenge for the destruction! Inspired by early 60s surf bands (very popular in Seatopia) like The Surfaris and Eddie & The Showmen, the Seatopians needed to infiltrate our society the best way they knew how, by forming a totally tubular rock surf band. This way the Seatopians could hang ten amongst us and gain the information they needed to best destroy everyone living upon the surface.

This band has a brilliant story to tell during their fast paced, under the sea style, instrumental set. Since music sounds quite a bit different 50 kilometers below the ocean floor, this band has had to adapt and rely on their instruments to wow the crowd. They play narrated clips in between their amazing pieces to help tell their story. The narration is derived from the 1973 movie, er uhm, documentary, “Godzilla vs. Megalon.” Which depicts the destruction of Seatopia and their battle with the people of earth’s surface. “Sometimes we summon a giant insect-monster during shows to prepare for our takeover of the world.” They said while casually reinforcing my restraints. To tell this story the band combines creatively majestic guitar solos, fast paced drum backing and a bassist that brings the show all together.

We don't know the names of the Seatopians themselves, but we do know the names they reached earth’s surface. Seth Hoffman​, Drummer, who got his musical start when he was a wee lad. Started learning trumpet, moved on to piano, next learned guitar and finally learned the drums a few years ago. Seth brings the looks and the influence of Megalon to his amazing drum skills. For those that don’t know, Megalon is a kaiju who first appeared in “Godzilla vs. Megalon”. The groove master otherwise known as Hayden McCandless, Bassist, is a fantastic treat to watch. Hyden learned the bass on a friend’s suggestion instead of learning to play the guitar. Hayden brings his influences of the greats. Hayden said “My influences are Nikolai Frature, Nick O' Malley and Paul McCartney for their sweet, driving and melodic bass lines that mold the song together so well.” And finally the main talent of the Seatopains John Lucas, Guitarist, who started playing back in highschool. He started by learning a few cords his family taught him and the rest is history. John brings his influence of Eddie Bertrand and Ivan Pongracic to band! With this amazing mashup of your typical humans they will make sure you have a goodtime with their music before they wreak their revenge.

The band is working hard on releasing their debut LP! And they hope to one day play some surf music fests such as, Guitar 101, Asbury, and Surfer Joe. They also want to develop the “Landlocked Surf Fest” here in Idaho. Which Music Monday is 100% in agreement with, these guys need to do this. Of course their long term goal is to destroy our surface nations.

This band takes their music extremely seriously. From the thought put into their character’s back stories, to the tales foretold during their set. While most people will simply enjoy their fantastic surfer sound, Music Monday instantly knew there was a story being told and loved every moment being held captive, um, I mean captivated by them. If you hear this rhythmic surf sound coming from any venue here in town, stop in and pledge your allegiance to the Seatopians! Now, if you don’t hear back from Music Monday by next week’s feature on Mains & Monitors​……come find me…..please….


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