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The Gaslight Anthem

“I’m going to see The Gaslight Anthem tonight and I wonder how many dudes I’ll see in blue jeans and white t-shirts with a pack of cigarettes in their back pocket” is an actual text your writer sent her best friend a few hours before seeing The Gaslight Anthem at the Knitting Factory on October 7th.

The answer to that opening text, for those curious, was zero. I did see a few classic pinups, however. But that’s not the point here. The point here is that The Gaslight Anthem continues to be one of the most quintessential golden era New Jersey bands of a post-MySpace day and age. Classic cars, blue jeans, wiggle dresses and red lipstick is still the vibe that The Gaslight Anthem brings, even after a 9-year hiatus that was only broken earlier this summer with a collaboration with Bruce Springsteen. You know, that other super cool musician from New Jersey?

Alas, MM208 readers; your writer does have to confess her biases. Number one, The Gaslight Anthem has been my band since I was 15 years old. What business does a 15-year-old have thinking about 45s and old white Lincolns? That’s none of your concern. Number two, after a decade-plus enjoyment of this band, imagine how thrilled I was to hear the phrase “hey, can I borrow your glasses?” from frontman Brian Fallon. Please see attached images for photographic evidence of said glasses borrowing. If you picked up The Gaslight Anthem with Senor and the Queen or decided to see what The Boss was up to these days, there’s a Gaslight Anthem song for you. Or two. Or seven. Or--


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