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The Epic, Nita Strauss

If you have not heard the incredibly epic Nita Strauss play live you've been living under a rock and need to go see her right now. Her work has spanned well over 20 years from a full female tribute band called the Iron Maidens, to being the house guitarist for a Kiss owned arena football team, and touring with the legendary Alice Cooper (on tour now). As of 2018, Nita launched her solo career which for the rock world was well overdue.

Recently, we had the chance to see Nita Strauss solo project kick ass at the Neurolux Boise. We were extremely eager to attend this show as it was such an intimate stage to see such a stellar musician. With a packed house there was no room for just standing still, her music makes you simply want to rock out and head bang.

Nita's ability to make a guitar sing while keeping in touch with her audience is the perfect mixture of musician and performer. From her epic hair flips to stunning facial expressions there was no audience member present that wasn't engaged.

Never miss a chance to see this truly stunning musician kick ass live as they will leave you wanting more. Go pick up her instrumental solo album Controlled Chaos.

Written and Photos by Lisa Felty

For more Nita Strauss visit her official Website


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