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Steve Taylor, Sound Engineer

This week MusicMondays208 features a great person who makes everyone sound fantastic during shows at the knitting factory, Steve Taylor

Sonny has been working in the music industry for over 40 years! “My dad who was a Radio announcer at KFXD in Nampa was a huge influential part in the beginning. Played in Bands Guitar, Piano player unfortunately I made no money so I bought myself a small PA System and started making somewhat money.” he said. It was in 1979 when Sonny got his big break after he spent 6 months bugging a sound and lighting provider in Dallas. “ He tried Me Out as a P.A System tech for Country Star Charlie Pride. I was very Green at that time but he gave me a chance to home my Skills. I owe a lot to Jim Bradford of DSL who now is no longer with us. RIP Jim.” Sonny concluded.

Sonny was trained purely on the job. “I Went to School of Hard Knocks And was taught by a couple Mentors that went on to Win many awards and became two of the Best Live Audio Engineers on the Planet. I Owe A lot to them.” he added. Even to this day he is still learning, the mistakes he makes allows him to be even better the next show. Over the years Sonny has needed to evolve with the industry as technology and industry standards change. Sonny has always found a satisfaction in working behind the scene. “Never wanted the Limelight. Yes working behind the Scenes was more appealing & more gratifying to me.” Sonny said.

Photo Credit Aaron MIchael

Over the past 40 years Sonny has worked some amazing shows! One of the largest shows was in St. Louis, Mo, under the Arch, in attendance was over 150.000 People. the headlining artist was Neal McCoy! “I had a little anxiety on that Show but after the second song I calmed down.”

The music industry has had its share of ups and downs but nothing has impacted the industry like the Covid shutdown. “We live in very trying times. In July my unemployment ends and it will be hard to find a job as it is for thousands of other music industry professionals with a whole year of non touring it will wipe a lot of us out. The future is anyone’s guess as of now. Hopefully that will change in the months to come. It will depend largely on how many people get sick with Covid 19.” sonny added.

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

Sonny is truly a one of a kind person that brings a uniquely humble tone to the industry. Knitting factory is truly lucky to have such a great sound engineer mixing their shows!

“[I] Love my Boise Bands and the Knitting Factory [Boise] crew & staff for being my off the Road Venue Family. Thank you all. And to Randy Perkins at the X for being a great friend as well as many many others that has become family to me. I am a very blessed man and very rich in family & friends.” Sonny added.


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