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Septic Era-Boise

Music Mondays is ready to open up a mosh pit, headbang, thrash and enjoy every note played by an awesome local metal band, Septic Era - Boise, Idaho​.

Started back in 2017 by Raider Dean​ the band has seen a few line up changes. Septic Era was originally started as a 3 piece group with passed members Chance on guitar and Zane on drums. Sadly (or fortunately depending on your view) Chance and Zane decided to leave Septic Era behind. Raider did not let this set back keep him down and he quickly worked on networking, with people he knew, to find the current line up with Kyle Longo​ on lead guitar, Dane Donnelly​ on Bass, David Draper​ on rhythm guitar and Zachary Civiello​ on drums. These band members he added have had some history with each other. Dane and Zach jammed together as a 2 piece band before joining Septic Era. Kyle, David and Raider played in a band called Tiamat's Destroyer. Since then, this current line up has been destroying venues and melting faces ever since.

The band name Septic Era has a lot of meaning behind it, the band said "...the destruction that humanity has caused to the planet. By polluting our food, water and air humanity has also raised the concerns of what that might be in store for our future. Our future could become a septic era by humans defaults and mistakes." The band uses this extremely brutal view on the plague that humanity adds to the earth in their lyrics and music style. To achieve this tone of music the band draws influence from the love of playing metal and looking at the chaos that envelopes us at all times. "Our influences range from our music preferences and influences by other bands, to being influenced by destruction and chaos and using that as motivation to do what we do while we still have time on this planet to do it." The band said.

Septic Era is an awesome addition to the local music scene and bring some unique sounds with them. The group brings a massive amount of energy to their sound and their live performances reflect that intensity. Their heavy riffs and hard hitting drums accompanied by the "pissed off vocals" makes for an unforgettable performance. Raider added "I think what's unique for us is that some of us have history together, and the 2 younger members get to learn and grow with us seasoned musicians. We have taken them to new levels and experiences. It really helps the sound that we have created.: Music Monday has been fortunate to see Septic Era twice and each time the crowd opened up the pit and messed things up for an unforgettable show.

The band has some short term goals they would like to achieve getting recordings out and playing more shows. The long term goals, the band has set, include being signed and given the chance to take their music on the road.

Music Monday has captured several captivating moments during their shows. There are times that the band will be throwing down heavy riffs and headbanging but in contrast Raider is staid, eyes closed, head down in reverence. This creates such a massive visual impact for the audience because it gives the impression of someone trying to keep their way among the chaos and angst of the world. On another note when this band revs up to the middle of their set they make sure that each audience member has their face completely melted off. Each band member is extremely talented and an absolute treat to watch. Septic Era is one metal band you need to add to you music bucket list.


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