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Paige Blossom

This week MusicMondays208 features its first international local artist submission. A truly fantastic artist from Toronto Canada, Paige Blossom!

Paige started taking vocal lessons when she was 7 years old and soon after she discovered the amazing world of musicals! “My earliest inspiration came from watching musicals then progressed to being in musicals and having so many wonderful teachers and mentors who have taught me and inspired my love for music to keep learning and growing as an artist.” Paige added. She has found true inspiration from the Canadian Idol Brian Melo. “I’ve learned a lot about the industry from him and he’s taught me a lot about writing and inspires me with his positive energy and his love of music that we both share.”

The creative process for any artist is forever evolving as we change from year to year even day to day. Paige draws from everyday experiences to bring her music to life. “I like to organize my days by completing a list of tasks to meet my short term goals and just keep working at it every day . Music comes to me very randomly and I often have to stop what I’m doing to write it down... like a melody or hook that just came to mind.” An amazing example of this is the song Van Gogh, “I am using Van Gogh as a metaphor for a poor mental health reference as he suffered with ill mental health his whole life until ultimately his suicide... but in spite of that he created such beauty and inspiration with his art and I find that very inspiring.” Paige concluded.

Listening to Paige’s new EP Vincent truly brings you into the soul of her thoughts and deep into the exploration of her emotions. You can feel the tension between notes in her singing which is hard to find in “polished” music today. The common theme on the EP Vincent is exploration of Paige dealing with heartache, sadness, and someone trying to deal with the inner thoughts of just being alive. “My sound comes from my emotions and the moods I am in when I write my music. I am heavily influenced by sad things that have happened to me throughout my life like being bullied and recovering from that and all that it encompasses with your own mental health.” Paige added. For someone as young as Paige she is truly in tune with who she is and where she is mentally at this stage of her life. It is wonderful to listen to an artist that is not afraid to explore the darker sides of their mind as there are many others who do not have that outlet. I can see Paige's music becoming someone’s go to music for dealing with a painful day and helping them heal from that pain.

COVID has truly taken a toll on the industry, mental health and growth for every artist. During the shutdowns Paige has been working hard to strengthen her piano and her guitar skills, working on building her repertoire and originals for live performances. Luckily for her she had recorded the EP Vincet prior to the shutdowns and she has slowly been releasing each song. She is looking forward to the world opening up so she can book gigs and travel as a performer.

Paige’s new EP Vincent is truly a treat for the soul as each song takes you on an emotional journey not only from her point of view but for the listener to recall their own memories. She is a musician that is beyond her age and we here at MusicMondays208 truly look forward to watching her career take flight. Check out her new EP on all major platforms! Your ears and soul will thank you.


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