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Our Bands Sucks And So Does Yours: A Podcast

Do you remember the mid 00s when Apple made mp3 players instead of big budget TV shows? Granted, early podcasts (get it? because you could listen on your iPod) absolutely catered to your mom, your dad, or people that really enjoy D-list comedians. But that was the 00s, now we have podcasts on our telephones and you can get them on any application that lets you upload audio.


Hey, speaking of podcasts you can download, do you want to talk about Our Band Sucks And So Does Yours? You can find it on Spotify, but only after you're done reading this interview that MM208 got to do with them. “Xander and Dak are always talking on the phone about band stuff. We like to analyze as much as we can get our hands on,” when asked what inspired them. “We're constantly looking for lessons to learn from everything we come across. Doing a podcast seemed like a natural extension of what we were already doing. We spend hours every week on the phone just going over all this between ourselves, might as well share our thoughts with other people too! Maybe it'll be insightful or entertaining to someone or at the very least we'll be able to get all of the gunk rattling around in our heads out [of them.].” “It might just be something about getting older and entering our thirties now, but we find ourselves consuming a lot more podcasts. Whether it's surviving the workday or just trying to reclaim some feeling of control over our own time while taking care of all the things we have on our plate. We've become huge fans of the guys over at The Last Podcast On The Left and this podcast is definitely heavily inspired by them.” A podcast wasn't built in a day, however– you do have to get audio or production experience somewhere. “Most of the experience we have is just through the process of being in a band. Dak did some live music photo and video work before joining the band but that's about it. Our time in the scene has informed a lot of our thoughts on being in a band and will feature heavily in our content.” “One of the nice things about being in a DIY band is that you learn a lot of different skills because you're wearing so many different hats all the time. We're stoked to be able to apply some of that experience to a new avenue!”

But what's next for Our Band Sucks? “We have a bunch of segments planned. We plan to cover news and events happening in music (Changes to Spotify, new releases, venue merch cuts, etc.) Tips and tricks for new bands. How to get started, what makes a good song? Things that may be useful for people just getting started out. Another segment we have planned with guests is ‘band horror stories’. Crazy moments on stage, weird fan interactions, and so on.” But what's been the most unexpected part of the podcast? “Probably the amount of people who've expressed an interest in being a part of it. We weren't really expecting much. We just wanted to do this for ourselves, but people have had a lot of feedback and input. We're really looking forward to having everybody join in on the conversation!” And do you have any planned guests coming up? “Nobody set in stone yet, but we have a whole list of people we'd like to have on. People from the local scene, friends we've met along the way, other industry folks. Obviously, we'd love to have MM208 on the pod! We'd like to have guests on as often as possible.” What are you hoping to accomplish with a show like this? “We want to build a community around the struggles of being in a band– a sort of support group for struggling bands. We want to show some of the behind-the-scenes parts of being in a band that fans don't often see. Pulling back the curtain a little, so to speak. We hope the show will help build up the scene and bring everybody a little closer. To lift bands up and be a resource for all the great talent we have around here.”

Lastly, where can MM208 readers find you? “Make sure to like, subscribe, and leave a review! It helps the pod get out there more. If you want to support the podcast directly you can subscribe to our Patreon at”

Want to listen to the first Episode of Our Band Sucks And So Does Yours? Click the link below!

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