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This week we dive into the amazing indie rock local band Neocentrics for our first band of 2021!

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

Neocentrics is an indie rock band that started back in 2018 with their first band practice! “Initially, there was a different lineup when I formed the band. We jammed a couple times, then went our separate ways. I played with a different lineup for our first show in April 2019, and up until April 2020, we had a rotating lineup, but I think we’ve landed on a pretty solid lineup for now, with Carsen Cranney on drums, Quinn Carrier on bass, and Demetrius Vargas on guitar.” said Evan Zurilgen.

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

Before they were rocking as a group the band members found music when they were younger. Evan discovered music at the age of 14 when he picked up his father’s acoustic guitar and started to randomly strum! “That was one of the earliest memories I have of attempting to play music. I also loved the album “Salad Days” by Mac DeMarco when I was younger, and the songs off that record really made me want to pick up the guitar and try to learn” Evan concluded. Demetrius absolutely loved Green Day and Nirvana in middle school from there he picked up a guitar and never looked back! ““The way I got into playing music was playing the game “Rock Band” when I was a kid. That got me into a lot of music, and that’s where I decided to pursue drums.” added Carsen. Quinn started playing electric piano when he was 8 and moved on to the right-handed guitar. He picked up the bass due to needing to cover the position in his other band Sobersick.

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

When asked what the band’s name, Neocentrics, means Evan had a great history to provide. “I had a solo project before Neocentrics called Modern Videotape, and I wasn’t really satisfied with that name, so one day, I was on a dictionary website, looking up synonyms for “modern” and I came across the word “neoteric”. I remember liking that word, so for a brief period of time, we were “The Neocentrics”; however, I kept mispronouncing neoterics as neocentrics, and I thought that sounded better. So, I got rid of the “the” in the name and we became Neocentrics. I’ve stuck with Neocentrics because I think it greatly represents the kind of music that I write and play.”

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

If you're looking for a local Idaho band that puts a lot of heart and soul into their music Neocentrics is a must listen. This band does a fantastic job at bringing in 90’s alt rock into their indie sound. The band performed for our Stay Home Spotlight during the COVID venue shutdown and we were absolutely blown away. Make sure to give this band a follow as your soul and ears will thank you! Photo Credit Courtney

Neocentrics Stay Home Spotlight


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