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Munchkin Suicide

Music Monday is ready to thrash about with Boise’s very own hard-hitting punk metal band, Munchkin Suicide​!

Formed back in June of 2017 after Dean Gehrmann​ (Bass/Vocals), who was already in two metal bands, wanted to do something a little different! He soon posted to Facebook to see if anyone else wanted to create something new in the area. Within a week the band brought together some extremely talented musicians, Hansi Hilmer​ (lead vocals), Rebel Anderson​ (lead guitar), Jeremy Chester​ AKA Chester (vocals/drums) and Mike Trull​ (Vocals/guitar). This line up has been kicking ass ever since!

Before the band members formed Munchkin Suicide they had to find their love of music. Dean got his start by bringing KISS records to show-and-tell in Kindergarten, this would earn him the title “rock star” before he even got his first Peavey guitar at 13. “Always knew I wanted to write music. My first serious band was a metal band named Enchanter.” Dean said. Hansi got his start with a metal band called Buried Faith, back in 1983. Mike found his love of music and his questioning of authority at an early age when he tasted what it was like to be a musician. Mike’s first band Fully rocked the Treasure Valley from the early 90’s thru 2000’s. He was also a found father of RTM and has been a huge part of the Boise music scene for many years!

Rebel has been surrounded by musicians all his life and picked up a guitar at the age of 13, “I picked it up and never looked back.” Said Rebel. After which he cut his teeth with a band known as Zadoc! Rebel, like most of the MS members, is currently in multipl local projects! Chester got into music at a very young age and lived in a household where piano lessons were obligatory! Later in his teenage years he ran into Mike Trull and was indoctrinated into rock and roll. In the early 90s Chester’s first garage band hailed from West Boise called Lyra! “Music is something I practice daily. Gives me purpose and a place to explore myself. I hope to be crushing the Drums with Munchkin Suicide for as long as I can hold the sticks. This group we're truly like brothers... Brothers that Shred!” Chester added.

The band’s name, Munchkin Suicide, is in reference to the myth that an actor hung himself on the Wizard of Oz Movie set. It was of course revealed to just be a large bird stretching out, sorry guys! With a hard-hitting name like this the band brings different styles of music into their realm. These guys really spread their unique sound that crosses over thrash metal and punk together to create an awesome sound. “We are more metal than the punk scene and more punk than the metal scene. It works great for us as we can share the stage with practically anyone in the extreme music scene without feeling out of place.” Said Hansi. To create their sound, they gained influence from bands like S.O.D, Iron Reagan, Misfits, Motörhead, old school punk and thrash. The band also ties in personal aspects of their life experiences and oppression of the government to match their straightforward style. “Everyone gets to contribute lyrics and music, so it ends up being personal to everyone” added Rebel. Hansi specifically incorporates inspiration from his German heritage while taking notes from groups like MOLOTOW SODA and BOEHSE ONKELZ, to form his own unique vocal style.

The band has faced some hardships over the year, such as having a hard time getting bigger shows or festivals booked. This does seem to be a common thread when it comes to the harder side of music as the masses do tend to overlook just how amazing these bands and artists are. The band also faces the personal hardship of balancing music life with personal life, Dean said “Hardships are just the normal hassle of trying to fit a band into everyday life without our loved ones feeling gyped. We are not always successful.” The band has had some awesome triumphs that help with the harder times. They played a short tour of the west coast, playing their first show ever with Dayglo Abortions, and being a part of the local Xclusive 100.3 show at The Knitting Factory Boise. They also had the opportunity to play at the 2019 NYDM Spring Bash in Wilwaukee, WI alongside ANVIL, CARNIVORE A.D., HIRAX, and MORTA SKULD!

The band plans to release their new album soon! Which we at Music Monday are extremely excited for. This is a unique band to the Boise area and they absolutely kick ass every time. Their ability to control the stage shows just how connected with the audience they become. Their candid lyrics mixed with some fast-paced arrangements makes for an extremely fun, live music experience. With headbangers, thrashing moshes, and horns in the air, this is one band you cannot pass up to see live!


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