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Meridian Movement

Music Monday has climbed the highest tree here in the Treasure Valley to spy this week’s band focus, Meridian Movement​!

Formed in 2017, Meridian Movement started off with a few growing pains. The band’s initial drummer and bassist parted ways from the band within the first six months of its formation. Will Pompey​, Vocals, and Alex Malcomb​, Guitar & Backup Vocals, were left to pick up the pieces. The remaining members continued strong and quickly found their current lineup adding Paul Banta​, drums, and Brandon Paugh​, Bass & Backup Vocals. Thus, Meridian Movement as the Treasure Valley knows it, was born!

Meridian Movement offers heavy riffs and a wide range of vocals to the local music scene! Their melodic tones spiced up with catchy, experimental dynamics provides their audience with an engaging experience. Music Monday had the pleasure of enjoying their music at the Breakdown Ball this past December. The band forms their music by drawing influence from bands such as Deftones, Breaking Benjamin, Tool, and Chevelle. There is something for everyone in that list and Meridian Movement has found a way to bring all those sounds into one solid band experience!

On top of the heavy riffs the band’s lyrics draw from heavy life experiences. The band states, “..our vocalist, Will, would say it's his therapy.” Music Monday can relate to music being a therapy or release from life and concerts are moments in time to let go of all outside issues if only for a few hours. The lyrics contribute to their song arrangement as well. The band states, “sometimes the emotion of the vocals doesn’t need to be overshadowed by the music, so we give the vocals the room, ambiance, and accompaniment that they need.” If you are looking for a band that spills their heart out and brings that emotion to the stage this is a great band to see live.

Before the band used their life experiences to create their music they first had to find their musical prowess. Alex got his first electric guitar at the age of 13 and started making original songs ever since! Alex formed bands off and on throughout high school, and his undergrad years. Brandon Started with a trombone in grade school and his love of music was born. He received a guitar for his 15th birthday and studied the greats; Rhodes, Hetfield, Blackmore and Van-Halen. Then in 2010, Brandon started playing bass as well! Paul tinkered with a drum set when he was a teenager but never took formal lessons or played with others. He got serious about it in 2003 while in the Navy when some guys that worked for Paul let him in their practice room on the aircraft carrier they served on. Music Monday would like to take a moment to say Paul is the happiest drummer we have ever photographed and it’s a wonderful sight to see Paul play, okay back to the blog. Finally, Will started off just singing as a kid! He got into classical music like most vocalists do in school choir. Will started joining bands and performing in state and national competitions, eventually singing at Carnegie Hall once. Will may have found his love of singing in choirs, but he states “there is just something different in a band setting that really brings my passions to life.”

The band is very excited to be a part of a local music scene that is alive and thriving! The band said “there’s always places to find local live music of any genre. We have awesome venues that are willing to give musicians a chance to play. Heck, we even have a very low-cost place to practice and record called Boise Hive​ so there’s really no excuse to not get into the scene and support it.” Meridian Movement is very new to the local music scene but has had some great triumphs along the way! The band was honored to play events like Boise Music Festival and the 100.3 The X​ Rock show in July. Recently, the band played at Revolution Concert House for the Breakdown Ball charity concert! Some of the band members even helped form the nonprofit for the Breakdown Ball event.

During this amazing 2019 year if you hear that this band is playing put your phone down and check them out! Your ears will thank you. The energy they bring will leave you happy that you took the time to support local live music!


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