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Music Monday is ready enjoy the punk sounds of an amazing local band, Maskots​!

Founded back on a magical day in 2016, when Brendan Nefzger​ got his friends together to form an older band. From that thought process the band formed into the Maskots. The current line-up includes Quinn Fillmore​ (vocals), Trevor Long​ (bass), Brendan Nefzger (guitar), and Sam Gates​ (Drums).

Before these friends reformed Maskots they first needed to find their love of music. Quinn mysteriously started listening to music in Hermiston Oregon, “nobody knows how as there's no internet there” the band said. Brendan started playing during his High School days in a band called Crazy Day with a local legend Matt Coate​ of A Lot Like Birds​. Trevor was born into this world with a bass in his hand. Sam found his love of drums because he got “really, really” bored in middle school which caused him to play for 3 hours a day.

The band's name, Maskots, is derived from the mind of Brendan, “It was the punkest sounding name Brendan could think of, because it's punk and we love punk” said Sam. Not only does the band apply the punkiest band name they strive to embody the punk feel within their lyrics” The music really epidermises how we all purely enjoy music, thrashy, fun intense and technical.” the band said.

While this band performs you can truly feel their connection with the punk vibe. Trevor is a treat to watch as he slams on his bass and creates powerful facial expressions as he feels the music. Quinn, as always, is a fantastic front man to this band and his allure makes you want to watch them perform over and over. Sam Gates is an absolute beast behind a drum set and truly captures the tone/beat of Maskots' music. Brendan adds his intense guitar sound, with ease, to create the punk rounded sound the audience desires.

The band does have some goals they would like to achieve. They would like to create some new music, do more local shows and one day do a 'tasty' PNW (Pacific North West) tour!

This is one band that understands their music, their sound, and the band understands what they bring to the local music scene. While performing the band members move with thrashy ease like a tight knit punk army. Each member knows their place during each song and each member expresses their passion without hesitation. Maskots hold nothing back and should be added to you Boise music bucket list as they will leave you wanting more.


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