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Life Upon Liars (Bios)

Life Upon Liars has released a fantastic new song Honest Is The Best Policy! Truly some of their best work yet. The band has also recently announced their new line up. Below are the bios of the band members!

David Green, guitar/vocals

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

“I didn’t necessarily “get into music” I was more born into it. My entire childhood was spent following my dad around to his various shows, practices, studios and so on. I began officially playing guitar when I was 13 and it all kind of just kept going from there. My early day inspirations were taken from bands like Green Day, Metallica, Blink-182, Sum-41 and so forth. Life Upon Liars has meant quite a bit to me over these past few years. I joined the band late 2017 when it was just Seth, Paul and Cody thrashing around in a tiny room with a couple of half finished songs. It’s crazy how we’ve gone from hardly playing shows to producing our own album, playing to hundreds of people including a sold out show for our album release. The LUL family has grown to something we never thought would even exist 3 years ago. As far as quarantine/COVID time has gone for me musically, I’ve been focusing pretty hard on my studio BC Studios. I’ve produced Forever Clichès new single as well as an EP for upcoming Boise hardcore band Teratoma, an EP for a band formally known as Oddyssey, and the new LUL single plus working on the next one to come.”

Sethh D. Beann, guitar/vocals

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

"Music was always an escape from reality for me and a great way to hear and show expression past words. That always interested me and it got me to save up and snag a six string back in 07'. Didn't really get serious with playing guitar till 2013 and writing my own music with LUL and that's when Cody (frontman) and I formed it!

Life Upon Liars is certainly the heavier of the projects I am a part of and I enjoy that for the fact of growing up listening to slipknot, underoath, suicide silence. Ect and being able to bring that feel of heavy and melody in local form. Playing live with these guys is my favorite thing ever and I love the group we have together and the community seen at all of the shows. Love you guys, we will get through this! As far as the name goes, we all live in a life upon Liars and to say you don't lie, is a lie. We are human and even if it's a nice lie to make someone feel good about whatever, it is a fact none the less.

Since the pandemic began we have been doing online zoom calls and stuff or taking videos and sharing the ideas to eachother through that. Since I actually got covid, I haven't hung out with anyone but have wrote a few licks that you all will hear in time! Besides that, David (other guitarist) is producing with BC studios and has been busy getting this new single out and ready for everyone! The band chat is running all of the time so the communication has not changed a bit. But other than that, I'm almost better and we can get back in the studio with David soon!"

Cody James Leal, lead vocals

Photo Credit Amanda

“I got into music by finding a drive to start a band. Seeing local bands, touring bands express their passions really was a huge part to take the next step. Life Upon Liars means a lot to me personally, writing and creating music we enjoy with a bunch of people I call my best friends is amazing. Covid has been a roller-coaster. I miss playing shows and having fans enjoy our set more than anything. It’s a rush! Still being able to create music is a solid plus I’d say. Still ready for it to end!”

Paul A. Buzzi, drums

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

"I've always been into music. There's not one specific point in my life that stands out and just made me love music any more than I already do. Maybe band class in 6th grade really helped out in choosing the instrument that I play but that's about it... I honestly should've just taken choir instead of choosing the drums that way I wouldn't have to worry about how much money I have to spend, young me was naive. Life Upon Liars has definitely been a huge influence on my life though. The band has helped me achieve things that "high school me" could only dream of, and I truly have some of the best memories with the rest of the idiots in the band... other than Chris. Like, Chris, who are you? Jk. Kinda. We've never actually talked to one another for longer than 2 minutes though tbh. Covid was the best thing to happen for my introverted personality. I had time to write new music, practice drums, and play countless hours of video games. Other than not being able to play shows, it truly hasn't impacted me in a negative way. I was one of the lucky few, I guess."

The newest member of Life Upon Liars is Chris Hale!!!

Photo Credit Amanda

“I got in to music when I was super young. My family would play old school rock and then the newer rock on the radio. I fell in love with music and eventually took a guitar class in high school to see if it was something I could do. It became my next passion after I stopped playing sports.

Life Upon Liars has always been really great friends of mine. I quit music for awhile to try an adventure in Vegas. Which then led to my wife and I getting pregnant and wanting to move back to Boise to be close to friends and family. There was a void though. And I just wanted to play some metalcore with some friends. Lucky for me they needed a bass player!

Covid has been extremely rough on me musically and personally. Without shows and really being able to practice as a band it’s been rough. We did a few vocal sessions after I joined which was really great to get back in to. I’ve been practicing when I can and can’t wait until this goes away and we can get live shows going again!”

Check out this bands social media and website!


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