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Life Upon Liars

Music Monday is about to jump into the mosh pit and throw down to an impressive metalcore band, Life Upon Liars​

If there was ever a band that came together because someone said, “hi” to someone else or met randomly because they became friends on Facebook, Life Upon Liars would be that band! Music Monday was so impressed with this band at the Breakdown Ball charity concert, that I actually stopped shooting to just enjoy the music. When I snapped out of it and I jumped back into the media pit and continued taking their photos!

Back in 2014, Cody James Leal​, Vocals, had the idea for the initials ‘LUL’ for a band name and started making lists of names to ultimately decide on Life Upon Liars. Cody staid, “It’s basically a reminder that in this world, no matter what, everyone lies.” Now that might sound a little jaded at first but most everyone will tell a lie, big or small, and most everyone knows what it feels like to be lied to. Now that the name was finalized, the band started to form. Cody actually worked with guitarist, Sethh D. Beann​ at a call center and bonded over concerts until they formed a friendship and started trying to play with different people. Paul A. Buzzi​would join the band accidentally because he complimented Cody’s “William Control” T-Shirt. This started a conversation between them leading Paul to invite Cody to a jam space to practice! Dustin Svoboda​, Bass, knew Seth and was asked to come by and jam with the band. The final member came in because of the infinite knowledge of the Facebook “People You May Know” algorithm (all hail Facebook) Cody came up on David Green​ feed! David said, “Cody popped up as a person I may know on Facebook, so I hit him up and came down to a practice, and from there the rest is history.” So, because of various ways to say “hello” to Cody, an offer to use a practice space, and a friend who knew a friend, Life Upon Liars was formed.

The artists draw influence from many different forms of music. Paul is heavily inspired by the drumming of bands like Secrets, This Romantic Tragedy, Dio, Iron Maiden and Gloryhammer. Paul stated “I honestly like to keep things as simple as possible. Some of my favorite songs actually have very simple drum patterns, so I don't feel the need to try to over complicate things. I look at drumming as a supportive role for the rest of the band, but that might just be me.” Seth found his love for guitar by listening to the incomparable Cohead and Cambria. After mastering their songs, he fell in love with Underoath and wanted to know what heavier music existed in the world! That led him to Slipknot, Suicide Silence and Vanna. These bands taught Seth that you can play melodic while throwing down the heavy. Cody started his vocalist path after discovering Shane Told of Silverstien. “The way he drives his voice and puts the passion and emotion into his screams brings a dynamic that caught my attention and it was a push that made me wanna be a vocalist.” Cody said. Cody would later expand his vocal range and find his fantastic metalcore/deathcore vocals!

The band wants their listeners to experience the music. For example, their song “Setting Stones” pays homage to the passing of a friend’s father last year. The song’s lyrics may not be specifically about his passing but more about the experience of losing someone. “I really wanted for whoever listened to this song [to] know that it's alright to be angry at the world sometimes, but also know that you're not alone and there are people out there who also know that feeling.” Said Paul. I can personally relate to this as metal, and music in general has gotten me through heavy times, and I can respect a band that understands that music can bring peace to a troubled time.

This band has had some awesome triumphs including playing some of the biggest venues Boise has to offer and lots of fantastic crowds! When asked about their plans they said, “We never thought that we would achieve these goals as fast as we have. It's been an amazing journey so far and we're loving every moment of it.”

The band has hit some rough patches as all bands do eventually. For a short period, the band became a “practice” band not really doing anything and were starting to lose their drive to play. That was when Cody said “F*ck It!” and found their first show at the Neurolux​ The band gave kudos to Gabe Hodges from Abaasy​ who filled in for Seth during that first show saying, “He [Gabe Hodges] did great by the way, and we love the guys from Abaasy, check them out.” Music Monday fully intends to check them out

Life Upon Liars looks forward too many more years of playing and to accomplishing many goals! Growing as a band, going on a tour, writing music, and just seeing where life takes them.

Music Monday can not wait to see this band perform again and put the camera down for a moment to experience their music the way it truly should be, raw and loud!


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