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Kid Catapult

This week MusicMondays208 is focusing on a fantastic local Idaho Acoustic Folk Punk musician, Colton AKA Kid.Catapult!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Colton has been playing music since he was in the 9th grade. “I was a real shitty bassist and wanted to be better. So when a bunch of guys from other bands asked me if I wanted to play guitar in a new band I said yeah and faked it til I could actually play.” He has since become a truly amazing musician that is remarkable on the guitar.

Photo Credit Kenyon McWilliams

When it comes to Colton’s music there is a fantastic connection that can be made by the audience to his presence during a show. He brings such a passionate spirit to his music that one can easily feel that he connects deeply with the lyrics. “I don’t think you could find one song on either of my albums that doesn’t reflect my personal life. It’s pretty transparent in that way. Some songs are still tough for me to get through when playing live and I think it’s clear to the audience I mean every bit of those songs.” he added.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Right as the world was shutting down due to COVID Colton saw an opportunity to create and promote something that would help keep local music alive, The Stay Home Spotlight. When asked what prompted him to start the spotlight he said, “I’m an artist. I get it, this whole thing super sucks. I also really enjoy getting out there and meeting new people and making new fans so I put my head together with a couple local leaders in the music scene and it just happened I guess. It’s a great outlet and I’ve been turned on to a lot of new talent in the area.”

Photo Credit Kenyon McWilliams

Colton has used this time during the COVID shutdown to create more music for us to enjoy. “COVID has actually prompted me to write an entire new EP. Personally it’s been a roller coaster. Learning who is really important in my life as far as family and friends go has been pretty eye opening.”

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

If sad, fast, loud, real music is your thing make sure to check out Kid.Catapult. His album, Face Tatt Away From Famous is on band camp produced by Simpul Records. Your ears and soul will thank you.

Kid Catapult live during the Stay Home Spotlight!

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