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Joe Musician Focus

One of the best parts about traveling is local radio stations. Nothing tells you that you’re not quite in Kansas anymore like when your car radio starts picking up stations that you’ve never listened to before and nothing sets the tone for a road trip like trying to figure out which station has the music you want to listen to.

Thankfully we here in the Treasure Valley are spoiled by our very own KRBX, Radio Boise - 89.9/93.5 FM. And Music Monday 208 was lucky enough to spend time with Radio Boise’s @Joe Black to talk about the future of Boise’s music scene and his own work behind the drums for Bone Haus. “All of the shows on KRBX are programmed and hosted by volunteers who do it out of love for music, community, and the arts,” Joe tells MM208. “On my show Sonic Mushroom Cloud (Saturdays 9pm-11pm), I typically seek out new releases of all rock/punk formats. Locals are often highlighted on my show as are upcoming touring acts. I just pick tracks that I enjoy and that I believe most listeners would choose as well. Usually I find new music from going to shows, by following new release schedules from labels I enjoy, and by keeping an eye and ear open to the supporting acts of tours, even ones that don't play Boise! As a DJ with Radio Boise I am totally free to choose what artists and genres to present and promote on my show.”

With festivals like Treefort and the newly unveiled Flipside Fest, Radio Boise has its hands full of new and established local bands to flaunt to the rest of the indie music scene. “What better way to build community and unify a music scene than to show support for local arts? There is such an amazing variety of genres, acts, and venues in our town that keeps the diversity of sounds unique and flourishing. Treefort Music Festival has been a big part of creating a united front to our music culture and Radio Boise keeps that spirit alive all year!”

“I think Treefort has helped put a lot of Boise acts on an elevated profile on a regional level as well as at a national level for a few acts. As Treefort continues to expand I expect that more bands from Boise will branch out on larger tours and have the networking and resources to do bigger festivals outside of Idaho.”

Joe also shared his own local favorites with MM208, providing a lengthy list of hidden gems people all over to listen to and love. “Some of my favorite locals are The French Tips, Blood Lemon, Wend, Plum Vision, Teratoma, Roller Dome, Crush The Monster, Kale Brown & the Fuzz, Mandias, Rodeo Screams, We Are You, Dogs In The Fight, Madora LaPreal, and Ghostbox.” But Radio Boise is not all Joe is known for around the valley and he also spoke with MM208 about his work with Bone Haus. “I just try to keep my drum patterns interesting and engaging so people can dance, surf, and slam at our shows.

Seeing people's reactions when we play resonates deeply with me. To know that we are making a connection to the listener and that the sound and intent of our arrangements engages the audience and moves them.“ “I've played in bands around Boise since the late 90's,” Joe continues. “As a guitarist and bassist (and terrible singer). I took up drumming for myself but never played out in a band as a drummer until joining Bone Haus. Playing with them got me back onstage but in the drummer's throne where I truly belong.”

Joe also had some words of wisdom for how to keep the Boise music scene fun and successful for everyone. “One of the best things that can happen for any music scene is solidarity within the scene. Support acts that aren't necessarily in your genre. Branch out and play to new audiences and grow your fanbase. Go out to shows, especially for locals. Buy merch and pay the door fee (don't ask to be guest-listed unless you will run merch or help run the door). Be kind to each other and respect venues, especially DIY venues.” Written by Brandy Photos by Amanda, Lisa, Courtney, River


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