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This week MusicMondays208 is featuring a fantastic local punk rock band The Jerkwadz!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Started back in 2008 after Jimmy Sinn (vocals/guitar) and Cacie Lee (bass/back up vocals) got married! “we decided to act on a shared passion of music. As long as we are married, there will be JerkWadZ.” They added. In 11 years, the band has had different drummers come and go but now have the ultra-talented, John Barney, bringing a JerkWadZ worthy energy and drive to the band’s sound.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

The band’s name is JerkWadz is derived from the endearing term between Jimmy and Carie! “we threw a Z on the end, a suggestion from the employee at the Seattle Music Experience right before we recorded the JerkWadZ first music video. A cover of "Twist and Shout" featuring Jimmy on drums and Cacie on vocals and guitar.” Jimmy added.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

When it comes to their music the band spends a ton of time making sure that each piece of music sounds perfect. “Every Artist puts some piece of themselves into their work, no matter the art form, some are just more transparent than others. But, yes, lyrically and musically," Another Last Time " is a perfect example.” The band concluded.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

As with any band that has been around for more than a decade there was been highs and lows. “Losing a band member is always hard, but with change comes growth. We've been lucky in the sense that we've never had all our gear stolen, been stranded on tour, or anything of that magnitude. Knock on wood. Triumphs, we've had a few. Sharing the stage with some pretty bad ass bands and performers, putting out our first full length album (Best Local Album 2017, uh-hmmm). But it's the little triumphs that keep it alive. Nailing that one part you can never get, killing it live, hell, sometimes showing up on time with all your gear to a gig is a triumph.” Jimmy said.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

If you're looking for a band that brings a ton of high paced energy and kicks ass every time they perform than JerkWadz is your band!

This week they are releasing a world premiere song on Hi, I’m Randy. 100.3 The X called SuckerPunch this Thursday July 9th at 10pm! Make sure to check out this fantastic new song! If you want to hear this band perform live but stuck at home due to Covid we got you covered! Check out their Facebook page for the performance during the Stay Home Spotlight this Friday at 7pm from the The Chop Shop recording services studios! Photo Credit Lisa Felty

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