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Illicit Nature

This week MusicMondays208 is ready to kick some ass to an awesome punk garage band Illicit Nature!

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

The band was started back in 2017 with Ethan R Taylor (Guitar/Vocals) putting together the first rendition of the band! Joining up originally was David Adkins (Guitar/Vocals) and a little while after David was Parker McMillon (drums) Cody J. Thorpe (bass) joined the band this past June. “I started the band with our first bass player and then we recruited David on lead guitar after he gave me a CD he made and we started becoming friends. We went through a handful of drummers before getting Parker in the band who I know from playing together in our old bands. Then we took Cody's band Melody on tour and got along with him really well and decided to bring him into the fold.” Ethan added.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Cody started playing guitar in school talent shows! “During high school, I started a band called Sobersick. We played at the hive where I met illicit nature. After touring with Illicit Nature, with my other band, they asked if I could play bass for them.” Cody concluded. Ethan was surrounded by music since he was a young kid. “ I was inspired by my uncles who all played music and were in bands. I started playing guitar and writing songs just like them and started trying to learn all the instruments I could.” Ethan said. David started piano when he was 5 years old! Parker begged his parents to let him play the cello when he was in the 4th grade. “ I started learning to play drums mostly when i was 16 here and there, then got a lot more practice and experience at 18 in my first band playing drums.” Parker concluded.

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

The band’s name, Illicit Nature, is the brainchild of Ethan. “I got the name from an old Monty Python sketch. To me it represents total freedom in what we do as a band. We don't follow any specific genre, even though people like to call us punk, we allow ourselves to experiment with everything we can.” Ethan added. David concluded with “To me it’s along the lines of what Ethan said, where sometimes where doing the “right thing” is considered “Illicit nature”

Photo Credit Courtney Holmes

The band has been through some hardships, “Definitely finding the right people, but it’s worth it cause we’ve toured from seattle down to LA and even opened for sick bands like Radkey and Bass Drum of Death and we were booked to open for legends GBH and MDC but well, Covid.” David said.

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

Illicit Nature provides all kinds of emotions and stories. “a lot of times I write about a person and just kind of make up a story or something about them based on a phrase. But City of Stone on our upcoming album is about Huntington WV and the opioid crisis and what it was like seeing that all my life. I usually express myself more so with melody and feeling rather than lyrics.” David said. “My lyrics always describe my life and what I'm going through at the time good or bad, I think we're all constantly being inspired as a band to create new and exciting things.” Ethan concluded.

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

If you're looking for a punk band that always brings a tremendous performance Illicit Nature is your band! These guys absolutely kick ass and are a must see for local Boise bands. “We’re Illicit Fucking Nature and we’re here to kick ass and have a great time.” the band concluded.

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