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Half Past Gone

MusicMondays208 is back to bring you a fantastic local post hardcore rock band, Half Past Gone!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Although this band is fairly new there was an earlier incarnation of the band that started back in 2001 With Christopher L Haring (Vocals) back in Southern California. After Chris moved to Boise in 2006 he played in a local punk band for quite a while. After some time, he reconnected with Jeff Allen (Drums). “Upon reconnecting he [Jeff] was telling me about his home studio and insisted that I get the same program and we start doing this project again. I had just started messing with music again and had a rough map of a new project I wanted to start.” Chris added. After working on ideas and concepts the band was ready to bring on some local musicians to complete the process. While doing karaoke he met Thomas Wickel (Bass). After working on a their first single titled “Whatever floats your boat” they extended an invite to Andy Agenbroad (synth/guitar). The band was still on the search for one more guitarist since Chris was filling in on the guitar, but he did not want to cover vocals and play the guitar in this project. After a few members, that did not work out, Chris reached out to Austin Hetrick (guitar) of Atheras and Immurge about filling in for a show. Austin is now a permanent member of the band!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

“The very first drummer in the early 2000’s threw it out in his very short tenure as an alternative to something ridiculous. I don’t recall what that was, but it was silly. My interpretation of it has always had to do with my mental health and life struggles pertaining to that.’’ Chris said

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Jeff and Chris got their start in Orange County playing in a punk band since they were 16 years old. Tom has always jammed and been involved with music to some degree, whether it be just playing on his own or working for musicians’ friend. He did not really give it a crack at doing shows until joining Half Past Gone. “Which is funny because he’s one of the best bass players I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing the stage or recording with.” Chris added. Billy got his start in the original incarnation of Half Past Gone and kind of took a break with music until recently. Austin got his start when he was sitting in his friends’ room and they were playing videos games and his brother was playing guitar, he started off playing stellar by Incubus and then played blood and thunder by Mastodon. It blew him away and he wanted to get into music, specifically guitar. Over the years from being in marching band, concert band, etc. Andy got his start in Boise, playing in a punk band with his best friend.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

The band works hard to keep their music about life and experiences. “Lyrically for me when writing Half Past Gone songs it’s always personal. How I am feeling, what is happening in my life, the negative, the positive, and everything in between. I try and capture feelings and emotions, doubts, and regrets. Etc... I like to use a lot of metaphors as well. I think if someone were to pay attention and dig deep enough, they could figure out what I’m saying, and/or relate.” Chris said.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

If you’re looking for a band that brings an eclectic range of influences from classic rock, to 90’s grunge, to metal, and rounds it all off with a splash of old school punk Half Past Gone is the band to check out. Never miss out a chance to see this band perform live as they do not play very often but when they always leave the crowd wanting more.

Photo credit Lisa taken at Deathproof.Coffee

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