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Ghostbox (bios)

Ghostbox is a fantastic dark rock band from Idaho! Meet the band members of this truly unique band.

Photo Credit Aaron MIchael

Steve W. Bade Bassist of Ghostbox

I have always loved music! Found my own path in it. Grew up to my dad loving Spanish music, my mom loved big band stuff. Couldn't find my love for either, so I found my own path.

Ghostbox to me is a brotherhood, and three other mistresses I don't want to piss off if I don't make a practice! We have found a most perfect lineup, in my eyes. I'd take a bullet for these guys. Wouldn't go to a circle jerk with them, though.

Since live shows at the moment are a thing of rumors, we have been getting tight in our music, which any band needs to get through this shit. Can't wait to play live again with these amazing fucks! For me personally, I just don't make it to the gym as often as I'd like. Otherwise, it's another day and happy to be with Ghostbox!

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

Curtis Dela Cruz, guitarist of Ghostbox

Music has always been part of my life, from listening to the radio or my record collection as a kid. At some point early on I thought learning to play an instrument would be as fulfilling, it’s been a lot more.

The guys in Ghostbox are not only band mates, they’re brothers, friends, homeboys!!! Talent, chemistry, and song are key when playing in a band, but when you’re good friends it adds a special element.

Like a lot of us are seeing during this pandemic, it’s changing the way we approach things in a social environment. Sadly, it effects many music fans and the ability to see their favorites playing live, as well as the musicians themselves unable to express their art to the fans who support them. Being on both ends of that spectrum it can get kind of rough at times. Grateful me and the boys can still get together and rehearse, but chomping at the bit to get out there and play.

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

Ryan Anderson drums of Ghostbox

Getting into music was kind of a steady progression for me, starting in about 1981. My parents had a second house built, so me and my sister could have separate bedrooms, and being that she is five years older than me, she started to acquire things at an early age to fill her new room. Stereo, records, cassettes… And all this music I would hear blaring from her bedroom walls (in 1981, I would have been 😎. Granted, it was all of the pop stuff of the time… Duran Duran, Hall & Oates, The Outfield, Bad Company are ones that stick in my head.. But I would hear all this stuff, and I remember liking the beat.. That simple 4-4 back beat.. Eventually, I acquired one of those slim style cassette players, and I would record stuff off my parents stereo in our living room (it was old enough, that it didn’t have a cassette deck) by sliding it right up to the speaker (mostly, when they weren’t around to hear it lol Q104 it was, which later became J105). Then I could take this newly recorded gem, and hide away in my space, and just listen over and over to what I captured. Amazing the stuff I got off the radio in 1981. Then around 1983, my parents started helping to do custodial work for a really big church my mom worked at, called Central assembly (it’s just recently been torn down, and the property is adorned with apartments, now. I actually met Dave Ford at this very same place, and time, but that’s another story. lol) They would work in that place on weekends in the middle of the night, so as to not interfere with the “normal” goings-on. I would go most of the time, because I really liked running wild in the place, with no one in the building. That’s where I saw my first drum set right up close. While my parents were vacuuming the humongous sanctuary, I would go up on the stage and just look at this thing… This blue sparkly, five piece thing of wonderfulness… It was huge to me. I think that’s what sold me. How it looked, all shiny, and the size. Of course, I did know what they were, and what they did, but had no idea how they worked.. And that they were responsible for the beat I was talking about, which was what I liked the most out of music back then. So eventually, I put away the Star Wars guys I took to play with, and went right to the drum set, every time I went with my parents to this church in the middle of the night. Any 10-year-olds version of heaven, even if they weren’t into drums or music. lol Of course the guy took his cymbals, and drumsticks home, so my dad found me some pencils. They probably wouldn’t have liked their little boy screwing around on this drum set with pencils, but I was careful, and we never told anybody… Plus, I would imagine my parents were OK with that, because they knew where I was in the big building… LOL It just went on from there… Eventually, my best friend (whom has been in several musical endeavors with me since, playing guitar) and I finally got the courage to ask for musical instruments for Christmas one year. That was a pretty big request. I believe we were going into 1986.. Much to our surprise, our parents got us exactly what we asked for… The same best friend, having older brothers, was always sneaking off with, and bringing over, his brother’s heavy-metal records… When I first heard Shout at the Devil, it was on… He and I were going to play heavy-metal! And we kind of did… Pissing off my parents, being super loud in my little bedroom… But that’s where he and I battled out how we learned to play our instruments.

I’ve been in several bands, since high school, starting with two founding members of Midline, before there was a Midline.. That was my first endeavor… Although it didn’t last long, and I was super super green, getting a taste of it, I knew I wanted to keep going… Not long after that, I met the guys in Without Warning.. I was still green, but after that first endeavor, I worked really hard to try to get better… Without Warning was the outfit that lasted the longest, and where I fit really well.. The last lineup of that band, despite being scattered across to countryside now, because we did try to pursue something with that band later on, we are all still friends to this day. A paying cover band in Denver, and several other endeavors back home again, then Ghostbox falling into my lap a few years ago, thanks to knowing Jason, and I’m back where I feel I fit again.. Music style is one reason, but another is, we are all really good friends. The guys in Ghostbox are some of the kindest souls I’ve met along my musical Journey over the past 30 odd years.. Just like my friendship with all the guys in Without Warning, I have the same kind of thing with the guys in Ghostbox. And that’s why it’s important to me. It’s a package deal.

The whole thing with the Covid deal?… Super annoyance! LOL Although it really doesn’t affect me personally all that much, because I work from home, and with things being closed up for band performances, I don’t go out a whole lot.. But I do have older parents that I worry about. My parents and I are very tight, and it would bother me to no end, should one of them come down with this crap. It affects playing in the band, a lot worse, for me anyway… Although we do still get out to our practice room every week, and try to keep tight, it’s still rough, not having a place to go and play live at the moment.

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

Jason Whitley guitar and lead vocals of Ghostbox

How did you get into music? There was always music around growing mom was a fan of Motown and my sister had some pretty cool records. I remember my Uncle buying me Beatles White album, Jethro Tull Original Masters, and Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon...I was a huge Floyd fan...I had some friends in a band around age 13 and I wanted to get into mom bought me a Kramer Aerostar (looked like David Gilmour's Strat) and a Peavey Bandit 30....the rest is history.

What does Ghostbox mean to you?'s a deep and complex question for me. It's been my everything for going on 8 years now...that's a long time for a local band...or any band for that matter...I've poured everything into it...I've had some amazing highs and crushing lows...these guys are more than brothers to me...more than family. I'm extremely proud of what we have created together...and even more excited about what's to come. How has Covid been for you musically and personally? Well I don't think you will find a working musician that won't say how bad all of this sucks...we enjoy the Livestreams but greatly miss the energy of a crowd. One good thing that has come out of it is that we have gotten alot of good practice in. We were so looking forward to having a release show for our new EP Obsidian and Covid kinda ruined that. For me personally, I really miss everyone...seeing everyone...being able to shake hands and hug people.

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