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This week Music Monday enters the mosh pit for a hardcore metal band, Forsythia​

Back in 2010, Cody Nelson​ (guitar), Dylan Moore (bass) and Olas Gardner​ (guitar) started out as mere acquaintances in high school spending time together because they shared the same hobbies and good taste in music. It was soon after they graduated that Cody and Olas started to spend more time together and form an everlasting friendship. During this time, they found their love of music, Cody and Olas knew it was “love at first chorus.” Zack Swinney​ (Drums) joined in early 2014 when he heard the sound Cody and Olas were creating. “It was everything I wanted to be able to do.” Rodney Zuber​ (Vocals) helped with the vocals for their first EP “Averions” but was later replaced with the now former bassist Russel Eck. Unfortunately, Russel had to step down and Rodney filled in for a show but the entire group thought it worked out well and Rodney joined the band again! The final addition was Dylan Moore (bass) who was a longtime friend and a natural addition to the family. Thus the current line up for Forsythia was founded.

The name Forsythia is derived from a seemingly overlooked shrub that is used for its healing properties and construction of the South Korean string instrument. The band explains why they chose to use the name Forsthia saying, “We personally feel a parallel between what our music has to offer and the properties derived from this plant. We heal ourselves of our real life worries with every rehearsal.” This plant grows more beautiful with age, much like the band that has stood the test of time, they are only getting better as the years pass.

The guys discovered the love of music young. Zack started playing guitar at the age of 15 and realized he was better at hitting things violently, moving towards the drums. At 14 Cody’s parents bought him a 6-string guitar because he wanted to learn “Holiday” by Green Day. Rodney was brought into the vocalist world by his family and at the age of 14 as well. During this time he also discovered his love of writing music and songs. Dylan and Olas were both huge guitar hero nerds (me too guys) and on their last day of middle school they received their first instruments!

Forsythia uses their personal life experiences to help shape and influence their sound/lyrics. Zack brings the admiration of drummers that bring thought into how they play and he tries to emulate the excitement that drums bring to a line up. Cody looks up to “otherworldly” musicians like Jason Richardson and Jess Cash. These musicians drive his play-style and how he wants to present himself musically. Rodney, brings the passion of learning from mistakes to allow him to write the music that reflects the ins and outs of life itself. Olas is influenced by the song writing and technical abilities of more progressive bands like Little Tybee, Obsura and even Kendrick Lamar. Dylan brings the bass to the forefront of the band by being influenced by modern bass playing that allows him to not just be a background instrument.

Their lyrics are highly influenced by self-growth through hardships. The heavy parts of their music reflect the hard times of life that transcend into the melodic trance that express the passing of the bad into the good.

The band has had some ups and downs over the years they have been together. The band does face procrastination at times when they get into their own heads saying, “We let the thought of trying of outdo ourselves get in the way of having fun sometimes. “

But with hard times comes even bigger triumphs! The band is excited to release their EP “Love Divinity” in March!

The band would like to thank Justin Cantrell​ and Majin Kulam​

Stating: “[They] have been crucial in helping us set up the cool shows we have played! And because of them and many other hardworking men and women the Boise music scene is still alive.”

This is one band that works extremely hard to bring something sincere to their performances and they truly want their music to translate to their audience. Make sure to add Forsythia to your local music bucketlist!


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