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Fall of Fathom

Musicmondays208 and 100.3 The X. band Spotlight on FALL OF FATHOM! An amazing local Idaho band that has just released their new lineup, single and lyric video!!!

Ben Granillo, Rhythm Guitarist

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

“Music has been a part of my life for a very long time. I got I to band in the 6th grade. I didn’t really take to it right away. Then I got out of it for a year. Then in the 8th grade came and I got pushed onto bass guitar by my band teacher. Then my mom got me a little fender and I learned as much blink 182 as I could possibly learn and I started to love it. I lived in the middle of nowhere so didn’t get to go out very much so my guitar became my best friend. Then I heard some real guitar riffs from trivium and I knew I wanted to be that good. I got into some trouble when I was 18 and wasn’t able to play guitar for 9 years. But thinking about it is what kept me sane. I knew I wanted to make music as soon as I could. When I joined fall of fathom I had been in a side project with tanner and Ryan and I wanted to push as hard as possible. Well things worked out for the best and I joined fall of fathom and we started fresh. Then we found more pieces of the puzzle and it’s been amazing. All this covid stuff has been rough not being able to show people what we are doing but it will be over one day and we’ll be ready. I have met so many amazing people the last year and a half and they have supported us 100%. I thank everyone who is standing by our sides pushing us further and further. Can’t wait to see what else comes our way.”

Scott Charles, Harsh Vocals

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

"Music has always been what I wanted to do. I grew up a Country fan in a small Conservative South Dakota town. When my dad married my mom when I was 8 years old, he introduced me to bands like KoRn and Evanescence, giving me an undying love for beautiful harmonies blended with Drop-Tuned guitars and a heavy Bass Line. I seriously couldn’t believe that music could be that amazing. And since my dad is a radio DJ, he would show me these bands that would eventually shape my music taste like Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Marilyn Manson, Coal Chamber, Rob Zombie, etc. and as I got older, my taste Progressively got heavier until I reached bands that fall under the category of Metalcore, Deathcore, Slam, and Death Metal, still listening to the bands that got me there on the regular as well.

I got into singing at a very young age. Did multiple singing competitions and talent shows both in groups and by myself as I grew older, I even did National Anthems at Sporting Events and Performed Live on PBS for Official Government Events. I was in Choir for 13 years, doing all ranges from Bass to Sporano, Toured with my choir a few times in high school, and that’s where I learned my breathing control and projection. That would become vital for me to start writing music to keep up with my heroes such as Jonathan Davis, M. Shadows, Matt Tuck, and Corey Taylor.

Since the first Quarantine after the Outbreak, I have spent a great deal of time at home. My job even moved me to work from home. I played my first and only show so far with Fall of Fathom as a Fill-in Vocalist just weeks before we started to shut down, and around that time, I was working on a lot of vocal material, because I wanted to get more into being a vocalist again. So I channeled a lot of my energy and focus into bettering myself as a musician. My mentality is, “This is all I want, so if I’m not willing to work for it, then I don’t deserve it”, Quarantine helped me put that mentality into action. My mental state was deteriorating not being able to go to shows or see people I care about, but I would feel even worse if I lost a loved one due to negligence on my part, so I take all necessary precautions for the better of the people around me, just to be safe."

Miguel Rivera, Bass

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

"For me, music has always been apart of my life and culture. In terms of metal, i got that from my sister. Hearing the guitar in a song ultimately lead me to wanting to learn how to play. My senior year of high school is where i got my start. I played guitar before i played bass. I got into bass back in 2019 and got a start in a group writing music. That group eventually got burned out and we stopped communicating. This is where i met Tanner and after we split, he offered me a spot in Fall Of Fathom, and i took it. Covid has been a very wild ride. However, i have been fortunate enough to still be able to work through it. Iv stayed health through this ordeal and it will stay that way. Quarantine has provided me a chance to spend a lot more time with my craft and really focus in on what i want to do."

Tanner Holmes, Lead Guitarist

"I got into music around the age of seven. I remember watching my older brother in band and being inspired to pick up an instrument. Then I convinced my Mother to buy me a guitar for my birthday. I finally joined a band in middle school and got my taste for preforming live and that inspired me to continue to push myself and learn to express myself through music. Out of high school I created Fall Of Fathom and it took me until now to finally get the sound I’ve been searching for. I haven’t let COVID slow me down at all. I’ve spent a lot of time with my family and focusing on how to create a sound Boise has never heard before. I cannot wait to show the Treasure Valley what we’ve been working on."

Ryan Sparrell, Drums

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

“I really got into music when i was around 10 or 11. I was introduced to bands from my dad such as van halen, metallica, ACDC and other rock bands to name a few. I always had a desire to play music with drums especially, really appealing to me since i loved to tap my fingers on tables and all surfaces. I had a knack for rhythm ever since i was a little kid. I began playing drums seriously around 12 years old by starting 6th grade band class. At that point, I didn't play any instruments but i thought drums were the coolest and interested me most, so i picked it up and stuck with it ever since! I then went on to play drumline and jazz band throughout middle and high school and continued playing drumline with BSU for 5 years. Throughout that time, i took a huge interest in metal and self-taught myself double-bass and other metal techniques playing to my favorite songs. I joined FOF about 3 years ago now and its the first official metal band I've ever been in and i love being in a band and part of the metal community as a whole. Playing music has always been a dream of mine and I'm proud of how much we've grown as a band over the last couple of years through the hardships and accomplishments. I'm super happy and grateful everyday to be able to do what i love! I have been busy with the band over covid recording in the studio and preparing our upcoming ep for the past 5 months or so! Other than that, I've been social distancing safe at home with my girlfriend and recently began working again.”

Will Pompey, Clean Vocal

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

"I started off just always singing as a kid either songs from the radio or my own tunes. Then i got into classical music like most vocalists do in school choir. I really got into finding out different ways to sound. I started joining bands and doing state national competitions eventually singing at Carnegie Hall once. But with all the fun I have singing classic, there is just something different in a band setting that really brings my passions to life.

Covid has affected me a bit, but to be honest in a lot of good ways some bad. See my Wife and child more which is awesome! Also been reading more books. Covid has sucked though for getting my concert itch scratched. Whether it be performing or going to a local or national concert I miss it all a great deal. Music creation wise it has been rough had to take a break at the start of Covid. Like many other musicians from hanging out with band mates and writing new tunes together. Until we were able to get the right precautions in order to work in a safe environment for each other and our families. Though now slowly but surely we are getting work done and hopeful that things will become normal soon."

For more on the band check out their social media!


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