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Dustin Morris

This week MusicMondays208 focuses on a truly inspiring Indie-Folk musician Dustin Morris!

Photo Credit Aaron Michael

On April 14, 1978, the song of the year was "Night Fever" by The Bee Gees. "Deer Hunter" took Best Picture and from there Dustin knew he wanted to be a musician. “I was extremely fortunate to come from a musical family. From grandparents to Mom, Dad, and brother. It was a pretty loud house on holidays.Even the street I grew up on had lots of kids my age who could play a couple of songs. Looking back, it was all completely life-changing.” Dustin added.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

We discovered Dustin during the 2019 Boise Music Festival and we were completely blown away at his truly emotionally enlightening performance. Dustin dives into his mind, body and soul to bring his music to life. “My words derive from personal experience, emotions, and dealing with them (or giving it my best anyhow). Often, when writing, I've pretended that I'm my own coach teaching myself. Maybe a higher me showing the other me the way to the better song? That's just hard to put in a songwriting course.”

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Dustin has been on a path of releasing a new, full-band single every other month for a year. This Friday, Oct 9th 2020, he will release “More Than Just To Love You” his second song of that plan and his third this year! [so far] “I've tried to make myself busier than ever in this weird time.” Dustin said. “More Than Just To Love You” is truly our favorite Dustin has released in the set of his full-band singles. Dustin’s rich soulful tone mixed with Kirsti Rae tender duet vocals is a feast for the heart. Truly do not miss out on this new single your ears and soul will thank you.

Photo Credit JayDee Ramsey

If you’re looking for music that is straight from the heart Dustin Morris is a must listen. “I hope my sound and set bring music and life lovers together in a setting where it's more about them and their common interests than me on stage. For me, it's all about supporting each other, fellow artists, and fellow dream chasers.” Dustin concluded. Make sure to check out Dustin's music on Spotify


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