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Derrty Shirt

Music Monday is ready to enjoy the amazing flow and rhymes of an amazing local hip-hop/rap artist Robbie Menard​, AKA Derrty Shirt​!!

Robbie started his love of music when he was around 12 years old with writing his own lyrics while also teaching himself flow and rhythms. He moved on to recording his music on a camera, converting those songs to Mp3 and uploading them to his Myspace page. (For those of you who don’t know what Myspace is it was before Facebook and after Xianga.) In 2013, on the way home from Gathering Of The Juggalos Robbie and his friends “chopped” it up and discussed how they all loved music and should start something together. “Few days after making it back to Boise that’s what we did. So thats when and where it really kicked off for me and made me realize " yes this the life goal.", and made me wanna take on music more serious. Shout out to the Psilocybin homies.” Robbie said.

The name Derrty Shirt was given to Robbie by his brother. “Growing up and till this day i always end up with something on my shirt from dirt, today's lunch, toothpaste, and so on. Taking it back to 9th grade me and my brother got outta school and of course had a stain on my shirt. He looks at my and told "man your shirt is always dirty.” Robbie added. In order to make himself stand out the brothers decided to spell it in a unique way, D E R R T Y. “." Since then i always ran with it, always came across as original. And that’s a big thing un the music industry, ive come across many artist with same names.” Robbie concluded.

Like his unique name, Derrty Shirt, Robbie looks to stay original by taking the influences of artist before him and putting a spin to it. He gains inspiration from Mac Dre, Redman, SPM and Shaggy 2 Dope. “. Just the way these artists put rhymes together. I’ve always strived to be that way, I guess the best way to put it is [they are] very unorthodox.” Robbie said. Constantly trying to think of new ways to look at things and bring in topics that are relatable are Robbie’s main focuses for his music. He understands that the struggles artists go through can be brought into his music as no one goes through life without pain, struggles and triumphs. A good example of this is his track called “Scrub Walk”, “Where I talk about what I did as a young buck. From stealing propane to stay warm in a shed to rocking 10 year old clothes and shoes that are falling apart. I feel if you don’t put yourself in the music in your lyrics it hits different.” Robbie concluded.

Robbie has faced many hardships during his time as an artist here in Boise. First, the hip-hop/rap community deals with a lack of support system from artist to artist, Dealing with “wack” promoters trying to hustle artists, and motivation to keep himself going. Many artists can relate to the “art life” weighing on them and the feeling of never making it to the destination of success. Every so often I get in a mood like everyone else I’m sure where I wanna drop it and walk away. From the stress of money weighing me down from investing so much in my craft. To emotionally draining because I don’t get to see my family.” Robbie added. However, he keeps on pushing forward and has made some amazing triumphs in his music career booking a tour, recording in studios and he feels accomplished every time he gains a new fan!

Make sure to check our Robbie AKA Derrty Shirt as he is extremely talented, passionate and leaves every ounce of who he is on the stage. We here at MusicMonday208 hope he never gives up so we may see him perform again and again!


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