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Chapter Black

Music Monday is ready to start a mosh pit and headbang to this fantastic Hard Rock/Alternative Metal band, Chapter Black​.

Starting back in 2015 under the name ‘Lost In Silence’ with the current members minus the current lead singer. After only a short few years ‘Lost In Silence’ found themselves in silence when the band’s lead singer quit the band. The band struggled to find a replacement, but they eventually connected with Andrew McBride​ (Vocals/Composer/Artwork/Waterboy) to create the current lineup. With Andrew stepping into the band he brought new ideas and concepts with him. The band completely restructured all their songs and rewrote many lyrics and reinvented the band. This transformation is what forged the sound Chapter Black rocks today.

When it comes to finding your music prowess these men found it young! These guys spent many nights in drumlines, school band practices and choirs! Saying “Once a band geek, always a band geek I guess.” Each member has found influences over the years that define the way they play and sound. Andrew is greatly inspired by the creative writings of Maynard James Keenan of Tool and A Perfect Circle. David Rose​ (Guitar/Vocals/Composer/Moshpit Promoter) has been influenced by bands like Sevendust and Red. Joe Martin​ ( Drums/Band Merch/Hits things (and people) with sticks) influences span from Avenged Sevenfold to Breaking Benjamin past Carter Beaufort rolling into Dave Matthews and ending with Jimmy the "Rev" Sullivan. Zac Herndon​ (Guitar/Composer/Guitar Tech/Chauffeur) has styled himself by such artists like Wes Hauch, Keith Merrow, and a slew of Metalcore and Deathcore bands

The band wants their audience to be able to relate to, and be captured by their music. While writing their songs the band brings in their own experiences of life but does not write extreme specifics. Andrew said “When I write lyrics, I'm usually writing about a personal experience of mine or someone close to me. I like to write about all the emotions that are involved without going into too much detail of the actual experience. Everyone can relate to emotions. And when your lyrics are open to interpretation it's much easier for people to internalize them and give the song a meaning of their own.” This style of writing can be very powerful as audience members can feel that the music was written for them due to the music being relatable to all ages and all types of people. Even their band name rings true to this. Chapter Black saying “To us, it symbolizes the dark nature of humanity. Where we are leading each other, and the current chapter we're living in because of our choices. War. Greed. Murder. Corruption. It's in every one of us. “

Chapter Black has some exciting challenges lined up for 2019. They are currently in the process of writing and recording their first full length studio album. The band hopes to have this album finished within the current year. They also want to get some new music equipment, stage props and merchandise. Even a small West Coast tour could be in the works!

Make sure you check this band out. They bring high energy music that gets the crowd moshing and head banging! And as always, your ears will thank you!


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