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This week Music Monday’s is takin’ a walk on the lighter side with local band Candelier​! But, don’t be mistaken, this four top serves up some heavy lyrics and fantastic guitar rifs.

Formed in February 2017 from several different projects and genres of the Boise music scene, Tyson John Boorman​, Mark Abernathy​, Michael Pease​, and Matt Bourdon​ came together to “bring a healthy balance of influences from heavy and softer bands” thus Candelier was born! The pop melodies in several tracks are reminiscent and bring a very OG Anberlin/ Mayday Parade vibe. The heavier influence of Underoath is what attracted this Music Monday writer to the band. Whether you’re into the soft, pop or heavy music this band has what you need!

Frontman Tyson got started playing piano at the age of 6 and has been collaborating and forming bands since high school while also working on solo projects like “Born Like Empire.” Mark, came from humble beginnings starting with a “piece of junk” drum kit, and now lays down some sick beats. Starting bass when he was only 9, Michael Pease switched to guitar 5 years later and shortly after that started writing and playing his own music. Guitarist Matt learned to play by watching a cover of Slipknot’s “Duality” rounding out the group with a lot of influences and a whole lot more music to give!

Candelier’s lyrics are personal and self-expressive which allows them to bring the passion every time they play. The band states their single “Alive and Young” was written about what kind of legacy one leaves and what everyone wants to be remembered for. The band says: “This drives people to live and express themselves in ways that they hope to be remembered for.” This kind of drive and personal touch to the music is what gives bands the potential to be great.

Many bands, during the sophomore years, struggle to find a cohesive rhythm between band members. In many cases, bands fall apart and disband due to not being able to come together on a single sound. Not Candelier! This band understands that their sound is unique and welcomes the fact that each band member is influenced by widely different music genres. The band states: “It can be difficult to work on a cohesive piece sometimes, but we also feel that it makes our sound more unique, as we come from different places in the music and ultimately adds complexity and originality to the songs we write.” If Candelier can make it past the sophomore stage this band has a recipe for be something special for Boise.

Looking towards the New Year! Candelier plans on releasing more music in 2019 (so stay tuned here and on their FB page) and playing more awesome shows like the one I met them at Deathproof.Coffee​. The band is very excited to be a part of the stunning local music scene. “We are excited that there are places like Deathproof that are starting up and encouraging more local music.“ they said.

Music Monday looks forward to seeing how Candelier comes together over the years because we want to see them perform over and over again!


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