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Boot Juice

Known for their high-energy live shows and captivating stage presence, this is a concert you won't want to miss. Join in an unforgettable night of live music in the heart of downtown Boise. Mark your calendar and secure your tickets now!


This six-piece touring band has done things the old-fashioned way – earning everything they have with blood, sweat and tears shed on stages throughout the region. It’s been more sweat than anything else based on the practically inhuman volume of energy output they generate throughout the course of their relentless performances.

Boot Juice defies the typical assumption that a big band with horns is sticking to the well-worn path of funk and jazz. They certainly infuse those genres into the mix. More than anything though, this is an unabashed cosmic rock band intent on taking audiences into an alternate dimension of pure freedom and dance euphoria where the outside world ceases to exist. Their three-part vocal harmonies carry major impact with intoxicating doses of soul, blues and sultry appeal. The passionate musicianship and group synergy resonates in their pure sense of joy. Drawing favorable comparisons to the sound of The California Honey Drops and the spirit of the Talking Heads, you’ll have no doubt that the refreshing originality of Boot Juice always has a firm grip on the wheel.

Photos By: Ryan West

Get your tickets now for June 8th at The Treefort Music Hall

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