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Blue October

On November 21st 2023, Blue October brought their signature rocking sound back to Boise to play a sold-out show at our little Knitting Factory. For those of you following along, this was Blue October’s third show in Boise in 2023!, and we’ll never get enough of them. With the high-powered, high-energy performance at the Knit in November, Justin Furstenfeld and Co are always a welcome delight here in the City of Trees.

When it comes to seeing Blue October live, the one constant is just how fun the shows are. The emotions—happy, emotional, everything in between, run high and Blue October makes sure that you feel every single one, song by song. We all know a picture is worth a thousand words, and MM208’s stellar photography speaks for itself when you look at the photos taken at the November show.

The Treasure Valley loves Blue October and it’s looking like Blue October may have the same feelings. Blue October, let’s plan a date or three for 2024—if you’re interested.

Photos by Lisa

Written by Brandy


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