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Blacklite District

A million streams online is cool, but you know what's even cooler? A billion streams.

Or whatever that quote from The Social Network was.

But speaking of millions and billions and social media, did you know that Blacklite District is nearing one billion streams online? What kind of attitude do you have when your art, something you've manifested and brought to life, has been enjoyed almost a billion times?

Well, it turns out you're just humble as apple pie and just as sweet to talk to. MM208 got a chance to chat with Kyle from Blacklite District about everything from teenage nostalgia to the joys of grenadine and everything in between.

“I was just like such a passionate teenager, who wanted to play music so badly and write music, and spent so many years playing for nobody,” Kyle tells MM208. “I mean, I've been at it, you know, a good 15+ years. [S]ince I was a real young kid and stuff, but it's mind blowing!”

Rome wasn't built in a day, just like a billion streams don't happen in a day, but Kyle is very open about the early days playing music. “[You] just played to like, 30 people in this bowling alley, who were not paying attention. Then years later, showing up to like any random city and having a line of people out the door, like families, who drove like hours to get there.”

“And I'm really just starting to recognize that I have my own kind of, like, niche world in the whole YouTube community. Like, my music with the things that it's tied to.”

Do you believe in magic? In a young girl's heart– wait, this is still my Blacklite interview. But Kyle does believe in magic, especially when it comes to the extensive meet and greets he does at Blacklite shows. “We spend at least five to ten minutes with each group and take pictures and as much as we can, and sometimes we go over it! We try to make it the best experience possible.”

With plans for an extensive tour through early 2025, Kyle has plans to take Blacklite as far and wide as a humble young man from South Dakota can. If you're lucky enough to see him live, buy him a Roy Rogers and tell him MM208 sent you.


Written By: Brandy

Check out Blacklite on all their socials below!


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