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Music Monday followed the whispering secrets of a local band that mixes electronic with hard rock/metal and found AsFireFalls​.

Founded by brothers Kris Lindstrom​ (Lead/Harsh Vocals) and Nic Lindstrom​ (Drums/Programming/Electronics) back in 2013 with other members who liked writing, and playing for fun. Like most freshman bands the original line up ended up leaving, and only the 2 Lindstorm brothers were left. These 2 men however, would not let this set back keep them from realizing the bands potential. Exploring the deeps of craigslist, they found Nick Gregory​ (Guitar), for an unrelated reason, and Nick ended up joining the band around 2015. Kris, while working at Jimmy Johns, met Chris Hale​ (Bass/Harsh Vocals) and he joined soon after the departure of the former bassist around 2016. With lineup changes, random discoveries and meetings at a Jimmy Johns the current lineup of AsFireFalls was made!

Kris found his love for music by picking up a guitar and learning to sing while playing at church. Nic found his drumming prowess in the same capacity. Nic has also been making Dubstep/electronic music since he was 12 years old. He spends a good majority of the day making music! Music Monday believes this is true due to the amazing technicality of each song beat. Nic creates all of the sounds from scratch and this precision song creating makes up one fourth of what it takes to build a song. Nick, the guitarist, was born with the instrument in hand playing and ready for the spotlight. The band states: “He started out learning to play his favorite songs from Disturbed and somehow through that, just practicing, and playing all the time [he] has evolved into what you see and hear now.” Chris, has been in the local scene for a while playing guitar, bass, and screaming in several other bands. Chris is responsible for helping write lyrics, along with Kris, and helping structure the songs.

Each band member brings their own influence to this fantastic band. Drummer Nic for example, listens to a lot of electronic music and rap/ hip hop. The guitarist Nick likes that kind of music as well, but also listens to a lot of rock, modern metal and Nu-metal. The band takes these influences to give them the inspiration for different aspects of their songs, such as time signatures, chord structures, etc.

This band takes their music very personally and does not put cookie cutter lyrics or riffs into their music for the hell of it. The band states: “Music has a way of impacting people and they take it personally and sometimes spiritually. We write based on what we want the feeling of the song to have but it’s also up to the listener to determine what the song means to them.”

AsFireFalls is using the 2018 momentum of their west coast tour and their performance at Joshuafest to catapult them into 2019! The band knows that 2019 will be their biggest year yet! Their new single “Blame” (Music Mondays Favorite Song) is out on Apple Music, buy it on iTunes and save it on Spotify.

Even though I discovered AsFireFalls only a short time ago, at Breakdown Ball , this band is quickly becoming a staple while rocking out in my car. Music Monday highly recommends that you check them out! Your ears and soul will thank you.


Instagram: @asfirefallsofficial

Twitter: @asfirefallsband

AsFireFalls Single "Blame"


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