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Do you like fun? Of course, you do that was a silly question. Do you like to dance? That one is a bit trickier, but good news– you don’t have to be good at it. I have been to several Afrosonics shows over the last 5 years and let MM208 tell you, there is always a good time to be had at an Afrosonics show. If you're more of a people-watcher, half of the fun at an Afrosonics show is seeing how much the crowd loves it. During their New Year’s send-off at the still new & shiny Treefort Music Hall, even the most stoic, arms folded and scowling concert goer (okay, you know who I'm talking about, there is always someone like that at any show you go to) cracked a smile and did a little shimmy on the dancefloor.

MM208 does admit to a small bias here, as your writer may or may not be marrying the Afrosonics drummer later this year, but is there really a bias when you're talking about one of the most high energy, high excitement bands that the Treasure Valley has to offer right now? If you missed them at the Treefort Music Hall, you're in luck! Make sure to catch Afrosonics again at Treefort later this spring. Dance a little. It's good for you.

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Written by Brandy

Photos by Ryan


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