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Music Monday is ready to head to the Knitting Factory [Boise]​ and head bang to this heavy hitting metal band, Abaasy​

Photo Credit: Aaron Michaels

The original version of the band started back in junior high when metal brought this band of brothers together under the name Zadok. The first version of the band started out as a garage metal band that learned cover songs along with a few originals, until they had enough for a set. Once the band felt comfortable enough to play, they stepped into the underground scene as much as possible to get a good feel for the act. The band worked hard and networked until they landed their first gig at the Shredder in March of 2014! They needed to change their name due to a conflict of interest by another band named Zadok therefore Abaasy was born! These guys have been kicking ass ever since.

Photo Credit: Lisa Felty

@Daniel Vasquez got his start in music when he snuck into his dad’s closet to play on his father’s guitar. Once his hands started playing his entire life changed and set him on the path to be the Rockstar he was meant to be. Gabe Hodges found music at a very young age, saying “I remember looking at an acoustic guitar when I was really young and something about that guitar called my name. I spent years trying to gain an understanding and with each session I did I found myself getting better and I let the confidence of playing guitar carry me to where I’m at today. Lessons are cool but they are not necessary.” Kevin Tillman has been surrounded by music since he was born as his family and friends are all somehow musically inclined. “What kept me playing music was the amazing vibes and connections you get to share with people in the process that ends up changing you.” Kevin said. Tylor Bunn found his prowess for singing much like others do, just by doing it! He joined Abaasy in 2017 and has melted faces ever since. Jevin (Abaasy Boise) started off playing bass at a young age and has been providing the much-needed backbone for bands ever since.

Photo Credit: Lisa Felty

Abaasy spends a lot of time diving into their lyrics and musical arrangements to make sure they share a message and bring light to topics most people would avoid. Their new song “No Escape” is a perfect example of stepping into a realm of topic most people cringe to accept happens, contemplating suicide. “[No Escape] talks about suicide from the person that's contemplating suicide and the thoughts and emotions tied in with dealing with those feelings which is something I've had to go through and deal with more times than I'd like to admit but I'm still here and bigger and stronger than ever” Tylor concluded.

Photo Credit: Lisa Felty

Music Monday has had the pleasure to see this band absolutely kill it during their gig at the Shredder. This is one band that feels their music with every note they play and sing. You can see in the band’s eyes that the songs they play strike cords that invoke deep set emotion. This rooted style of playing allows the audience to let themselves go as well and head-bang out any sense of emotion they need to release.

Photo Credit: Lisa Felty


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