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This week MusicMondays208 explores a truly impressive post-punk band called NO!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

Starting back in fall of 2016 when Erin Russell (guitar/vocals) moved back to the area from eastern Idaho. “I [Erin] went out to a Groggy Bikini show at Vista Bar and ran into Clint (former drummer) and @andy Agenbroad (guitar/vocals). Asked if they were playing actively. It was decided to start doing something musically and NO! Was born.” The current line up also includes Jason Burke (bass) and Cody Roy (drums).

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

NO! Captures its sound by incorporating elements from a massive range of music. Jawbox, Fugazi, Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Black Sabbath, Clutch, Monster Magnet, Faraquet, Beauty Pill, Megadeth just to name a few. This wide range of musical influences creates the band’s truly fantastically unique sound. The band’s lyrics come straight from the heart with an aura of vagueness that allows the listener to interpret the lyrics from their own personal experiences. “Andy seems to have the majority of the lyrical content, and I know that he’s writing from the heart/gut. Very direct. I have a much harder time writing lyrics and usually have a layer of vagueness over the top. The music on the other hand has me laid out emotionally pretty well for the time I wrote something. That is a constant evolution for me.” Erin concluded.

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

The band has a new album coming out this week that has an amazing song on it called Red Dawn! We had a chance to listen to this song prior to the release and we are completely blown away. Red Dawn is fast paced and can easily be an opening song for one of their shows! The breakdown in Red Dawn will have the crowd sporting those guitar fingers and have any punk skeptic on board for the next song!!!

Photo Credit Lisa Felty

If you're looking for a band that writes music they truly love NO! Is a must add to your music repertoire. Their music can easily translate to any person listening to provide a unique experience. Make sure to check out their upcoming Facebook live stream with Ghostbox this Saturday Oct 3. Make sure to check out NO new song Red Dawn this Thursday on 100.3 The X with Hi, I’m Randy.. at 10pm! #boise #music #punk #newmusic #pnw #Spotif

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