Ministry Show Review










Let me first start by saying this was a night to be remembered. Well for some of us, for others it was a night that never started. For me it was a night of meeting some new friends and hanging out with my crew. I arrived about an hour early so I walked in the doors around 7. I grabbed a beer and headed out to the smoking area to relax. I noticed a gentleman on the other side of the fence that was visibly smashed and hadn’t even been inside yet. Security politely asked him to leave and he got heated, yelling at security in a combination of drunken gibberish and common English. Garden City police walked over and he finally decided that drunk in a parking lot was better than drunk in jail and left. Kicked out before the show starts, I knew it was going to be a good night.

I bought my Phil Anselmo Koozie and shirt and was hanging out by the merch table when I saw none other than Mike Deleon(Guitarist) and Blue Gonzales(Drummer) of Philip H Anselmo and the Illegals. I introduced myself and had a great conversation with both of them. Extremely down to earth, normal, put their pants on the same way as all of us guys. Mike answered a pressing question I had about the night saying, “You can confirm through me, we will be playing some Pantera tonight.” He also wanted me to let Boise know, “All the guys in the Illegals are extremely happy to be here for one of two off tour shows from Slayer. The tour as a whole has been amazing and that they are looking forward to coming back soon.” Mike and Blue wrapped up our conversation as Boises Krystos was getting on stage saying, “Man we are really excited to see this band, heard they were good.” I can confirm, they were in the crowd for several songs banging their heads.


Krystos, man what a band. When I was watching Krystos I felt like I could have been watching a band that was on the tour with Phil and Ministry. These guys just absolutely killed it in front of one of the largest opening crowds I have seen yet. When you decide you want to listen to some thrash, Krystos should be a band in your top 10. Watching these guys on stage was fun. What I mean by that was, they were having fun. All smiles, all business, they were there for a good time and to bring an insane amount of energy to the crown. Mission complete. They reminded me of the band Sabaton with how much fun they seemed to be having on stage, I’m looking forward to seeing them again.


I’m going to do this backwards and I make no apologies. I watched two Ministry songs. They were good. Being the founders of Industrial I was happy to see them but the truth is I have never been a gigantic fan. I wanted to at least pay my respects to some Industrial forefathers. That being said,


I’d be lying if I said it didn’t almost bring a tear to my eye watching this entire set from The Illegals. From Mouth for War, This Love, Yesterday don’t mean shit to I’m Broken and Walk. I was literally speechless. I have seen Phil Anselmo in almost all of his other projects and I have to say, this was one of his best performances. He looked healthy and sounded amazing. I was admittedly a little skeptical to see another band playing Pantera but I need to give respect to all the band members for doing Dimebag and Vinnie right. I think they are proud to see what they gave us being reproduced for a younger generation to enjoy.


Insane night, great music, better memories. Stay rowdy

Blog Written By Adam Cadm Kirk

Photo Credit Aaron Michaels