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Music Monday is ready to throw back a few drinks and listen to an amazing heavy rock band, Ghostbox​.

Originally, Ghostbox, formed back in 2013 as a three-piece ensemble with Steve W. Bade​ (Bass), Mychal Jenkins (Current Basement Drummer) and Jason Whitley​ (Guitar, Lead Vocals). Soon They soon found that they wanted to do something different! 

The band went through some lineup changes before they found what fit. The addition of Andy A (Demoni singer/ guitarist) as the second guitarist and Ali Soto (She Loves Violence singer/guitarist) helped shape a new direction. Eventually Ryan Anderson​ (drums) would take Mychal’s place. And the final line up change would be Curtis Dela Cruz​ (Lead Guitar/Vocals) replacing Ali Soto. The band may have seen a few changes since its 2013 inception but, now that they have found their current members the said, “We genuinely enjoy being around each other.”

Before Ghostbox was formed, each band member fashioned their own paths with different bands and finding music at young ages. Ryan started getting into drums at the age of 12 saying, “…a friend of mine was spouting off about getting a guitar for Christmas and since I had already been drumming around on coffee cans with pencils I asked for a set.” Curtis found his love for music the day he was born. His father was a musician and Curtis grew up listening to a lot of R&B, Soul and Funk music. Curtis got the inspiration to play guitar from seeing Ace Frehley from KISS perform. Jason found his love of rock music when his uncle bought him Pink Floyd Dark Side of the Moon, The Beatles - White, and Jethro Tull when he was 12 years old!

After Jason heard the electrifying solo of David Gilmours solo he begged his mom for a guitar. Jason states ‘We went down and bought a Kramer Aerostar because it looked like David Gilmours Strat hahaha. The rest is history.” Steve found, at the age of 12, the amazing sounds of Antrhax which he states: “…my mind was blown. I originally wanted to play guitar, but my Grandma bought me a bass….so I ran with it, and thankful I did.”


The band’s name Ghostbox comes from an old device or instrument used to communicate to the deceased via radio waves. Jason says “Ive always thought that would make an interesting name. It really seemed to suit our style of music.” Their style of music is influenced by many different bands. They say “…there are so many. I'd have to start with Pink Floyd for one. So many layers to it. Let’s not forget the Beatles, Black Sabbath, Kiss, CoC, Prong. I could go on and on. We all share a fondness for Type O Negative as well. We draw on certain influences at different times it seems.

When it comes to goals Ghostbox is looking to achieve many in the coming months! They are wanting to spend some time writing new material! Band says “We often find ourselves prepping for shows. That’s a good problem to have but doesn’t allow much time to write. We have found that we gel really well together when we create. Our newest song “Obsidian” is proof of that.” Long term goal they want to achieve is playing more regional shows!

Ghostbox is very excited to see how the local Boise music scene has evolved over the past several years. They are excited there are more venues owners/managers and talent buyers that have embraced the local scene. Jason says “Whether its Neurolux, Shredder, Olympic, or Knitting Factory, you will always see local talent showcased. Another thing we have going is the opportunity for radio play. You would be hard pressed to see another station like 100.3 the X that will dedicate so much time to promoting local bands. Randy has done an outstanding job.”

Music Monday has had a chance to see and photograph Ghostbox a few times! They are an absolute treat to watch live as these guys understand how to use their entire stage space. They also understand how to interact with the crowd to make a memorable concert experience!

We would just like for everyone to know what an honor it is to have been able to share ourselves with you for the last 6 years. We wouldn’t trade it for the world and look forward to many more years of creepy dark rock n roll.


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